Allegheny College Honors Program

Does anyone have any information on this program? Anyone heading there in the fall?

My S was admitted into honors and indicated he was interested, but we didn’t get a lot of information. We are planning to visit in next two weeks and will find out as much as we can about this - is there honor housing? Do you get a jump on class registration etc. He is deciding between 3 schools - Allegheny is the only one he hasn’t visited yet. We do hear great things about it.

It sounds like we’re in the same situation. I didn’t even know that Allegheny had an honors program until I heard I was accepted into it. I’m planning to go for an overnight in a few weeks. I’ve got three schools on my list right now too - and am trying to make sure I pick the best fit. Thanks a lot for your comments. If I find out more about the program in the next few days I will post here.

Allegheny Honors Program Benefits:

*Early & continued access to faculty advisor
*Residence together in a Living Learning Community
*Special 1st year seminar
*Priority access to the National Fellowship Office and resources
*Funding through the Allegheny Gateway toward internship, immersion exp., or research position summer after 1st year
*Unique mentoring sessions in first 2 years

Must maintain a minimum 3.0 and work with faculty advisor to take full advantage of program’s opportunities.