Allegheny environmental science

How high is Allegheny environmental science ranked? I heard it’s good, but I can’t find a ranking.

I think you will be unlikely to find a reliable and comprehensive ranking for environmental studies on the undergraduate level. Nonetheless, by any reasonable standard, Allegheny offers one of the top programs of its type in the nation. For a comparable program within a similar selectivity range, look into Hobart William Smith.

If you aren’t particularly drawn to the specific college, other schools to consider are Juniata (also in PA) and Eckerd (in FL) for Environmental Science, but as the PP said, I don’t know of any specific rankings for the major - just recommendations from those “in the field” a few years ago when I was helping my youngest son in his search.

Definitely look at Juniata for Environmental Science. Similar to Allegheny, but with the added bonus of a remote field station right on the banks of Raystown Lake where most students live for a semester. Many students also take advantage of the semester-long Galápagos Islands opportunity. They have a ton of equipment in the ESS program; electrofishing, a full GIS laboratory, much more.