Allegheny visit

My S did his overnight visit and he was impressed. He was dragging his feet about visiting because of the school location, but just felt at home among the students. He sat in on some classes and spoke with professors. He can see himself thriving in this environment.
As a parent, this was the most welcoming of all the colleges we visited. They were just genuinely nice people. It definitely gave my S a lot to think about. Rigorous academics, close relationships with professors and opportunities to do research.

We felt the same way. I was a little bit sad when d declined, though I do believe she’s where she was meant to be.

My S did his overnight as well - also impressed. He was very uncertain beforehand but now Allegheny’s a definite front runner. He has one more overnight and then a decision can be made!

Allegheny students and staff were great/friendly/welcoming. Honors program’s a plus and the campus is really nice (and absolutely no complaints about the food).

@Aug2019 We went to the overnight as well and liked Allegheny a lot. We are just completing a visit with Knox and it’s a tough choice for him.

On one hand it’s great to have two great choices, on the other it’s a lot of pressure! I even go back and forth on what is his best choice, but it is up to him in the end, with a little guidance. In the end I told him the decision he makes is the right one - worse thing you can do is “what if” it down the road.
Good luck to everyone. I’ll post if my S chooses Allegheny or not - I think we’ll know early next week.

@Leigh22, there is no wrong decision between those 2. Not that it relieves the stress, but either is a great option.

Actually my S is Gettysburg or Allegheny.