"Alumni Celebrations"

<p>Some of us have been kicking around these boards for years now (for me, it was under an old screen name--overanxious mother--I let enough time go by w/out posting that I couldn't get back on, so I signed up anew)...we saw each other thru the college app process and now our kids have graduated/are graduating and taking their next steps...</p>

<p>Can we celebrate together?</p>

<p>My DS will graduate from Cornell next month (one semester early), and just got his ED acceptance to U VA Law School (he'll start in the fall of '09) yesterday...needless to say, we're very excited!</p>

<p>And I must say: the stress of the application process was SO different this time...first, we knew so much more about how to find out what to expect. Second, law schools are not the "crap shoot" that undergrad schools are! Admissions are still very competitive, but are also very (altho not exclusively) numbers-driven, and results come much more quickly! My DS' ED app to U VA "went complete" (the last letter of rec arrived) on Wed; he got a call from the Dean of Admissions on Thurs morning! Amazing when compared to sweating out the days-before-April 1 notifications for UG!</p>

<p>Anyone else have news/celebrations to share??</p>

<p>No news or celebrations on this end ... but I do want to say CONGRATULATIONS!</p>