Alumni Memorial Scholarship 2025


I searched the topics for Colgate back to 2017 and I couldn’t find a topic about this. My DS applied to Colgate RD so it will be at least a month and a half until he gets a decision. He received an email about a week ago about the Alumni Memorial Scholarship. It looked largely informational and it definitely wasn’t a “welcome to the AMS program” or a “congrats on being nominated”…it was a “learn more”. He (and I) were wondering if it is a generic blast email to all applied students or if it is a positive sign that they didn’t outright reject his application at first glance. Also confusing is the email they sent states a $10,000 grant but the Colgate AMS webpage says $6,000 grants (maybe their BOT revised it and had to reduce due to budget and the pandemic?). Anyone have any insight on this program or if the email is generic to all applicants? Thanks in advance.

My son also applied RD and also received the email. My guess is it was sent to everyone, as there wasn’t anything in the email to indicate that it was based on anything individualized. I don’t know anything about the program.