Alvin Cox Memorial

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Now Open
Deadline: November 3, 2011
Short & Simple</p>

<p>Alvin Cox dedicated a large portion of his life to helping disadvantaged youth. After his passing in 2006 his family decided to continue on with Mr. Cox's mission. As of 2011 we have provided financial assistance to more than 30 students. The current scholarship is open from July 20, 2011 , through November 3, 2011. Two financial awards will be issued, each in the amount of $200 (USD). </p>

<p>The application process is quite simple. Write a brief essay (less than one page, size 12 font, .doc or .docx) discussing where you see yourself in 10 years time. Ideally this vision of your future self will be shaped by the subject you have chosen as your college major. Applicants are encouraged to use creativity and may include photos or links to videos.</p>

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