Am I able to get into the University of Edinburgh?

Hi. I am a rising senior from the United States and I have been leaning towards some UK colleges to apply to. I hope to study Philosophy , Theology , or the Classics at the University of Edinburgh, and I have done all the required things, those being: My ACT score is a 31, and the requirement is 27, I have 2 AP tests both 4 or above. One is a 4 and one is a 5 (one of AP Lang. and the other is AP Comparative Government). I am also able to pay full tution for being an international student. What is my likely hood of being admitted next year to one of the programs I talked about above? I hope this is clear. Thank you.

You are well on your way. What additional AP/SAT Subject Tests do you intend to take? More towards the humanities (English Lit for example)? It will come down to Personal Statement and Letters of Recommendation.

Why UK for college? Atmosphere is completely different than in US - a paper or two and a final in UK vs Quizzes, papers, tests. Class participation all going into the mix for grades; you are not coddled by teachers (no reminders when things are due); much independent study…no Greek Life; no major sports events/stadiums/homecoming weekends

Have you been? It is an urban/no campus environment.

You need to do some more homework.

First, you need three APs, not 2 (or 2 APs and a subject test).

Second, you need to cross check for any specific requirements for the course you want to apply to. For example, Classics requires Latin or Greek for admission, so the Latin AP would be required (and you have to take both once you get there). So, go spend some time on the website, reviewing the content for each course and pick out what you really want.

Then think about what have you done to show that you have some awareness of, and ability for phil/theo/classics? You will have to write an academically-focused Personal Statement showing why you are suited to the course.

In general, if you have the marks you are likely to get a place, but the PS will make a difference. Also, there is getting in and staying in. Although Scottish unis are more flexible than US unis, they are still highly prescriptive.

You will have to decide which course to apply for. Ideally you want similar courses at all of your university choices on UCAS, as otherwise it makes it hard to tailor your Personal Statement effectively. So you definitely need to narrow down what you want to study (although at the Scottish universities you can take other classes in the first year, and there is usually the possibility of switching to one of those subjects after that.)

However, you might like to apply for Divinity and Classics at Edinburgh - it includes two of your areas of interest, and you don’t need to have studied Latin or Greek before. Also have a look at Classical Studies and Theology at Exeter; and Classics, Theology and Religious Studies at Glasgow.

Some universities will accept students to straight Classics without Latin/Greek background, but check carefully.

Thank you much! Really appreciate all the help! You also brought up looking into different schools. Thanks again.

I received an offer for International Relations with the conditional of 2 650 Subject Tests (which is equivalent to a 4 AP). You should, in theory, be fine.

Why not a UK college? Curious where you are coming from with experience?? My boys are both looking at UK colleges over US. They are American and it seems like a great opportunity to live abroad and get a different experience. Also, you are treated more like an adult in UK schools. But I do wonder if they will feel like they missed out if they don’t have a football team to follow for life. So if you have experience in both would appreciate feedback. Agree on U of E not have campus atmosphere like St. Andrews.