Am I an international student?

<p>I was born and raised in United States ( US passport ) but i went to another country for high school
Am I considered international student or a citizen?</p>

<p>you're a local student.</p>

<p>Sorry, kinda aloof.
local student = same status as students graduating from US high schools?</p>

<p>are you referring to financial aid ?</p>

<p>Financial aid wise, you are a domestic applicant. You may not qualify for in-state status in any state though; that's something you should check. If you are attending a non-US style school abroad, the application process might be a bit more involved for you; you might need translations, evaluations, and there might be additional forms to complete.</p>

<p>urgh -.- sounds complicated....
also, I finished freshman year of high school in US and got a 3.9 on a scale from 4.0
but in the new school, the scale is up to 4.3.... how do i calculate mean gpa?</p>

<p>Your GPA is what your current school computes. If your current school does not factor in the grades from your US high school, then those grades don't count towards your GPA. Some foreign schools don't compute GPAs at all. In that case you would just submit a transcript and exam results (if applicable) and leave the GPA field blank.</p>