Am I International for Cornell?

<p>I'm a US Citizen but a resident of India currently doing the IB Diploma. I was looking through Cornell's Engineering Admissions page but didn't really understand who they considered as internationals. Would I be considered international for colleges in America? Because I'm an American Citizen, I don't need any green card or student visa or whatever. I really would like to be considered domestic, because I need a LOT of Financial Aid. Plus, I don't think I could make it to any of the need blind colleges (Harvard, MIT, Yale, and so on).
Also, do I have to take TOEFL? I got A1 in English in CBSE, and am predicted a 7 in IB English SL. Moreover, I got a 34 on ACT English and Reading, along with a 780 on SAT II English. My English teacher can vouch for my fluency, too. I mean, do I really still need to take the test?</p>

<p>Any help will be appreciated!! To anyone who can help me, Thank You!! :)</p>

<p>You will be considered with other international applicants.</p>

<p>But for FA, you are domestic.</p>

<p>Being USA citizen, you will consider Domestic Student.</p>

<p>Your application will be considered with other students applying Internationally. For Financial Aid, your application will be considered with all Domestic Applicants (Inside US).</p>

<p>Thanks! :slight_smile: That clears up things a bit…</p>