Am I on track for ivy leages & JHU..?

<p>Heyy CCers,
I'm a rising sophomore and I wanted to know if I am on track for ivy leagues & JHU.</p>

<p>Freshman GPA(weighted): Ist semester 4.93, 2nd semester 5.125
Class Ranking: 12/559</p>

<p>I'm sure that my ranking will go up way more higher this year..
(Only had three Honors classes during freshman year)</p>

<p>Freshman Schedule:
Honors Geometry
English 1
Honors World Geography
Honors Biology
Spanish 1(our school does not offer honors for this class, perfect 100s this year including the semester exams)
Medical Terminology/Intro to Business
Music Theory
(Freshmen are unable to take AP classes, school policy)</p>

<p>9th-10th summer: College Algebra at a community college (not a dual credit course, I am thinking to get 60 hours of credit hours)</p>

<p>Sophomore Schedule:
Honors English 2
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Chemistry
Honors Physics
Honors Spanish 2
AP World History
AP Music Theory
AP Art History</p>

<p>College course: 1st semester- Trigonometry
2nd semester- Pre calculus, English</p>

<p>Extracurricular and Awards from 9th-10th grade:
- Spanish Club (probably will run as a VP or treasurer)
- Fashion Club (co-founder and an officer)
- Joined the American Regional Mathematics League Competition
- Mu Alpha Theta (probably will run as an officer)
- Diversity club member
- National Honor Society
- National Spanish Honor Society
- Volunteered at the library for one year(104hrs., and will still volunteer there, got some awards with appreciation letters)
- Volunteer at Baylor University Medical Center
- Volunteered at Methodist Health Center at Dallas for 105hrs.
- Will join the HPREP(Health Proffesions Recruitment & Exposure Program) at Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas(will this count as an internship? Or is it just a medical related program for youth?)
- Peer tutor
- Science Club
- Church Youth Organization (I play the piano n I’m the leader of the youth group)
- Violin for 6 years (joined the orchestra during middle school, not much awards)
- Korean fiddle for 3 years (I am thinking to do a monthly performance at a Korean nursing home)
- Piano for 11 years (got a lot of awards from competitions)
- Golf
- Swimming (I am going to get my Lifeguard Certification this December and will work as a lifeguard at a public rec)
- CPR & First Aid Certification (got both during the summer)
- Spanish Outstanding Achievement Award from the Spanish department of my school
- City Volunteer member</p>

<p>Honestly, I don't have any prestigious awards or something that's outstanding for my extracurricular..It will be helpful if y'all recommend me some of the prestigious awards and programs. Oh, and also some internships and medical research program for high school students. I couldn't find any of them. </p>

<p>Truth is, I came to U.S. just one and a half year ago from South Korea. So, I had to take ESL during the last semester of my 8th grade. But I didn't take it during my high school year. They told me not to. Personally, I think I have a lot of disadvantages than the other average students who want to go to ivy leagues. My parents got divorced just two years ago and this impact me a lot in my grades. I had a couple of Fs..and almost got suspended from my school during the 1st semester of eigth grade. Today, I'm living with my mom with three younger siblings. We have a very low income(<$35,000) and my grandparents usually send us the money. Addition to this, my mom doesn’t contact my grandmother (my mom's mother) for like 8 years due to a major fight with her. She can't even contact my grandfather (which is her father,) 'cause my grandparents were divorced when my mom was 6 years old. This is just a brief information about my family problems. I’m getting my hardship driver’s license this month so that I could help her to pick up/drop off my siblings to school.</p>

<p>Will I have a chance to go to any of my dream colleges…?</p>

<p>i think you certainly have a chance though i would contest that there's a "track" for these schools.</p>

<p>How are you at a 5.0 GPA after only 1 year? Anyways, there's potential. But it looks like with that number of XC's you're also on track to be burned out after 1 year of college.</p>

<p>Sorry to say though being asian probably isn't going to help. By now I think ad comms are like "gee another overachieving asian kid...great!". You're going to have a hard time arguing family hardship when it appears you're never at home anyways with 20 clubs.</p>

<p>Absolutely! Your resume is fabulous. :)</p>

<p>Just try to pick one thing and really dedicate yourself to it over the next few years.</p>

<p>@UAkid: our school has a really weird GPA system. It's a 5.0 scale(weighted), however, you could go above it by the honors, dual credits & ap courses that yer taking. The maximum gpa for the honors n ap classes r a 6.0. Dual credit course uses the 5.5 scale. For example, if someone gets the grade below:
honors algebra- 95 (5.5)
honors English- 97 (5.7)
world geo- 93 (4.3)
the cumulative gpa will be somewhere around 5.1. (I'm lazy to calculate it lol)
so basically, if your schedule has a lot of APs n honors, your gpa will go up higher:):)</p>

<p>thanks guys:) yu guys r awesome!</p>

<p>can somebody recommend me a medical research program or an internship? hopefully, it's affordable to me(better if it's free lol).</p>