Am I qualified to go to the University of Manchester as an American AP student?

Hi, I’m a student in the US that is looking to study international relations and politics at the University of Manchester. My AP scores are:
AP Human Geography: 4
AP World History: 4
AP Statistics: 3
AP English Language and Composition: 4
AP US Government and Politics: 5
AP Calculus AB: 1
I am also taking AP English Literature and Composition and AP Calculus BC this year, possibly AP Macroeconomics, only possibly because online classes are limited due to COVID 19. Do you think I can get in? If not are there any others you would suggest I apply to? Thanks!!!

I should probably also mention that I have a 4.0 gpa and got a 1390 on my SAT. I’m looking to attend college college in the UK.

I think you have a decent chance. I assume you don’t need financial aid? Americans will be expected to pay in full.

Also take a look at Kings College London and St Andrews. They accept a lot of US students.

This site shows they want AAB in 3 A levels. For a US applicant, that means 5,5,4

You only have one 5 so I’d expect you may get a conditional offer, the conditions being attaining a 5 in one of your remaining APs. You must submit ALL scores.

Where else are you looking? All the unis will have similar entry requirement pages so you can see where else you might be in the ball park for.

While what @CollegeMambo says is technically true, in practice, requirements for internationals everywhere below Oxbridge and one or two others are sometimes a bit more flexible, because you pay more so are a desirable admit.

That said, next year is uncharted territory. The better unis had to take more domestic students than expected this year, and have deferred some to next year. That means likely fewer spots open next year. But internationals will still be welcome, so who knows how the numbers will work out?

Final thoughts: I think you’re in the ball park for Manchester, but working hard and aiming for the best scores you can for your upcoming APs will be advisable. Any chance you can switch one of them out for another history or a FL? You’ve struggled in math so I would be concerned about your chances in the much harder Calc BC.

I’d back you for an offer (Manchester uses an AP 4 for an A level A), and will recommend that you self-study CompGov- even if you don’t take the exam, just do the prep. You will be glad you did.

Thank you! I will definitely make sure to do that, I’m sure it definitely would be very helpful!

Other than Manchester I was looking at schools in London, perhaps University College London, King’s College or Queen Mary’s. I know UCL and KCL have steeper admissions rates though. Yes I did do pretty bad on my calc text, though this was due to a computer error with the new online AP tests that they administered. I don’t think I’ll get a 5 but I’m hoping I’ll do better this time around, as I did fairly well in the class. Your responses definitely give me hope!