Am I screwed?!

Hello, I am currently a sophomore and I have recently discovered my passion for computer science. I have been reading and computer science has chemistry in it and I chose to take regular chem instead of AP chem this year. My school doesn’t allow us to switch classes or take AP chem in later years. So my question is am I screwed trying to get into top colleges for computer science without taking AP chemistry.

All responses are appreciated:)


While I am tempted to answer this clickbait question with “Yes. You are well and truly screwed,” the reality is that you are not. Although your school is in the definite minority in allowing sophomores to take AP Chem with no prior chem class.

What have you been reading and what does this mean?

Does your high school offer honors chemistry?

Yes, some of the logic in chemistry is similar to that in CS. However, physics is probably more relevant, and AP Physics is designed to be a first physics course, unlike AP Chemistry, which is usually a second chemistry class.