American Student and Canadian Colleges

<p>Hi, my name is Chase and im currently a senior in highschool in Idaho.
I have a 3.6 cumalitive
27 ACT score
and nearly 150 hours of community service.</p>

<p>Ive done a little bit of research on Canadian colleges and i think that SFU Burnaby is perfect. I just have a few general questions.
First being, what can i do in terms of financial aid, are there still ways to earn scholarships being an international student?
How easy is it to live in Burnaby area?
Will i be able to make a sufficient amount of money by working when out of class? i know the mininum wage will be raised to 10.25 by May, is this enough to be able to pay for most of college?
Also, in the burnaby area, is it normal to use public transportation, or riding bicycles, or is it more of a norm to drive? sorry for the barage of questions, but i would love to get more information on possiblyheading to Canada.

<p>These are the scholarships available at SFU: Entrance</a> scholarship International students - Entrance scholarships - Simon Fraser University</p>

<p>Costs: Typical</a> costs - Financial Aid and Awards - Simon Fraser University
It looks to me like ~$25k for the year. I don't think you'll earn that much unless you work a lot.</p>

<p>Greater Vancouver is expensive. I thought the transit options were pretty good. Be prepared for rain if you bike.</p>

<p>Thank you noimagination for your reply. </p>

<p>Is Burnaby as expensize to live in as Vancouver? and what is a good average income as a college student in the Vancouver region if anyone knows by chance?</p>

<p>Also, if anyone has already gone through this process, a pm telling me your story would be fantastic. Thanks again!</p>

<p>No idea about scholarships but their website would provide the info you need.</p>

<p>It is cheaper than Vancouver proper (being a suburb), but by most American standards, its still very expensive to live there. Do a craigslist search to get a feel for the cost of rent of a typical student basement suite, for example. You are not going to cover your university and living expenses on a part time job.</p>

<p>The university is on a mountain so unless you are an uber athlete, you probably aren't cycling to school (but some do). All students pay a fee and you receive a free transit pass for the year, so transportation is quite economical and it would make little sense to own a car.</p>