american student applying to LSE???

hi all! i’ve been looking into applying to LSE and I was just a bit confused as to how my qualifications match up to the LSE standard offer bc I don’t understand A levels and what not. If any current uni students or int students could help me in determining if my scores are up to par I’d greatly appreciate it!!

here are my AP scores:
AP world history: 5
AP human geography: 5
AP US history: 5
AP English language: 5
AP psychology: 5
AP calc AB: 5
AP chem: 3
AP English literature: 5
AP stats: 4
AP environmental science: 4
AP physics 1: 2
AP calc BC: 4

I read on the LSE website that SATs aren’t an entry requirement, so I don’t think I’ll be listing those in general. I also read on there that the A level grade of A*AA is equivalent to 5 AP tests with a score of 5, and while I have that ^ I’m concerned about my bad scores like the 3 & 2 lol. I did see that the UK is more course-foucsed, so do the subjects outside of my course matter a lot? I’m applying for international relations- would my bad scores in physics 1 and chem drag me down even though they’re math/sciences?

my HS GPA was a 3.89 UW, 4.2 W. my current college GPA is 4.0 UW (I’m a freshmen in college applying to be a first-year at LSE)

i’d appreciate any guidance, just tryna figure out if it’s worth me applying!!! thank you!!

You meet the requirements, but LSE is one of the handful of UK unis where that’s a necessary but not sufficient condition.

Your first year college grades will be considered as well- how do the classes you are taking now line up with the subject you plan to study?Have you got a prof who can write a strong LoR?

thanks for your response!!! my classes for the academic year haven’t started yet but I know for sure I’ll have one out of my three profs as a referee. my current courses are one history class, gender studies, and a human physiological course. i feel like they don’t match up too much but I also wasn’t totally at liberty to choose the ones I would’ve liked- my school has us pick from a list that will meet their requirements.

my past 3 yrs of extra curriculuars have all been int. realtions or human rights-focused; do you think with a strong statement on my related extra curriculars and studies + my scores above itd be worthwhile me applying?

thanks so much again!!

History’s a good preparation for IR.

I think you’re OK to apply - as you surmise, the math and sciences are not relevant to IR.

Are you looking at other UK universities as well?

Yes!! Totally open to more suggestions for IR schools but I think UCL and Edinburgh sound appealing. Just tryna figure UCAS out at this point

I would vote for KCL > UCL for IR

I would’ve said a low chance because of your 4 at Calc BC. But since you are a freshman in College they won’t care about your AP scores as much. With 4.0 GPA you have a good chance.

"I would’ve said a low chance because of your 4 at Calc BC. "

OP isn’t applying for a STEM subject.