American University Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

has anyone heard in regards to decisions ? if so, please share your stats & congrats if you have been admitted❤️!

Thanks for the info. When did you apply? We officially submitted December 4th for regular decision.

When my daughter applied four years ago the acceptance did not arrive until mid-late March.


I submitted my application towards the end of the deadline but all of my materials did not make it until a day or two after the deadline has passed. All I received was an email about a week after the deadline that AU has received all of my application materials. But, I got no link to an application portal and still have not. Do I need to email someone about this?

You definitely could (should?) reach out. Or maybe just try to create a “Future Eagle” portal account on your own first….

American was different than all of the other colleges my S applied to because he created the portal account months before he even applied (I think in order to register for an event or tour??). It functions as more than just an application portal. Unlike the other places he applied, I don’t think my S ever received a separate email with portal directions either, possibly bc he already had a Future Eagle account. He did get the “your application is complete” email, and a couple emails about switching to ED. Come to think of it, I don’t think he’s received much communication at all from American overall. Hope that’s not a bad sign!

I submitted my application on 9/26 and still haven’t heard back… Should I be concerned? I applied RD, but I don’t think decisions get released until March, but isn’t American rolling ?!!

No, American is not rolling to my knowledge. Last year, decisions were released on 3/17, so I would expect around the same time this year. As long as your application materials are showing complete in the portal, then I wouldn’t worry. Honestly, there has been a strange lack of communication/marketing to my S too. Feels like most schools send fairly regular marketing emails, but he hasn’t received much of anything from American. I’m hoping this is the case for everyone, and not an indication of anything…

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Same here. We keep checking my daughter’s portal and not much there. I think we have to google the portal to find the link to login - it wasn’t sent in an email like most schools.

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Did your daughter’s mid-year report show up in her portal checklist, by chance? My son’s portal does not show that mid-year grades were received, but they were sent several weeks ago. Thinking maybe they just don’t update the portal with that info?

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No it doesn’t show up there. It’s such a limited list of “supplemental items”. Her other school portals do show it was received and her high school must automatically send as she didn’t reach out to her counselor.


Same here regarding mass marketing. D did receive a fast reply when she emailed admissions to demonstrate continued interest.

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Hi @WakandaMom Did your D email a specific Admissions officer or a general admissions email? Thank you so much.

She emailed the admissions officer for her state (WA).

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Thank you!

We went to the Winter Preview Day on Monday. The speaker said they only sometimes ask for mid-year grades. So maybe they don’t necessarily need them.

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D’S portal did not mention mid year grades, but she received an email request for them and submitted an electronic transcript.

Do you recall when she received that request? Thanks!

late January.

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My son’s mid year does not show up in the portal either.

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That’s odd, we didn’t get a request for mid-year grades. But I think our high school just sends them automatically to all the schools anyway.