Amherst Class of 2025

I love Amherst and think it’s a great fit for me. It’s getting closer to decision time and I’m both excited and nervous. Good luck everyone!

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Do you know when the decisions will be out?

I read somewhere March 20. I know it’s not that close but it’s getting closer. I’m so ready to learn my fate.

I hope it will end up good for both of us. International applicant here, deferred from ED.

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I hope so too!!

Hey! Applied to Amherst RD. I really like Amherst, it is definitely high on my list (of 17 schools LOL). My scores are definitely on the lower side of their range, but I really like my EC’s and essays so hoping for the best!!


Hi guys, i’m an international applicant RD. I just received this email from Amherst, does everyone get it?

What name would you like us to use?

Dear //////,

Thank you for submitting an application to Amherst College! In preparation for our Regular Decision notification release later in March, we want to double check with you regarding your Chosen Name.

In all of our communications (like this one!), including official decision letters, we always use a student’s Chosen Name when addressing them. If a student has not provided a Chosen Name, then we default to their Legal First Name.

If the name we used to address you in this email is acceptable for all of our future communications with you, then there’s no need to take any further action.

I got this email too.

I believe it’s generic. Most people I’ve spoken to have received it. Good luck!

Ooh, i see

I received the same email

Yep, got the email.

Do you guys know what the situation is with Amherst likely letters this year?

Does Amherst do likely letters? They have historically released some early admits around this time frame, but not sure I’ve heard of likely letters before.

I thought I recalled Amherst on the “likely letter” list of schools, but maybe it was mixed in with early admits! I don’t know anyone who has ever received one so I can’t be sure…

I don’t know about the likely letters…but on last year’s thread some early admits were reported: Amherst Regular Decision Class of 2024

Yeah I believe it’s actually “early writes” for Amherst (and Williams).

Y’all seen this? It’s over for us

Not necessarily! Don’t give up hope!

Oh just discovered they sent out early writes today. Didn’t get one… :slightly_frowning_face: