Amherst Class of 2025

It is likely fake news over at Reddit. Look into those posters, they keep claiming acceptances in places that that haven’t released yet, some of their posts have been blocked. It would be extremely unusual for Amherst to do such a thing.

Edit: Wrote this when it was starting out but I now believe it is real news, apologies to all.

Hey! Definitely not fake news…I got an admissions update too. It’s just an early notification of acceptance. They are releasing more on their official date.

Well Amherst is known to send out early writes to a portion of their RD applicants…


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This is what the letter says, incidentally, if anyone is interested (though I didn’t get one hahah)

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the Amherst College Class of 2025!
This year Amherst received a record total of more than 13,950 applications for an incoming class of 473 students. Our applicants are impressively accomplished, but some are so extraordinary that we are notifying them early of their admission. You are among that select group of fewer than 200 students. Your outstanding accomplishments in high school, the enthusiastic support conveyed in recommendations submitted on your behalf, and the qualities of mind and spirit captured in your essays have distinguished you among a group of extremely talented applicants from around the world. I am confident that you will make a significant contribution to our diverse intellectual community. On behalf of the faculty, students and staff of Amherst College, I congratulate you!


My daughter got an early admit today too



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I really love Amherst, so I’m pretty bummed not to have received an early write. But we also have to be realistic here, these were only sent to around 1% of the app pool! Hoping for the best come decision day, but trying to be realistic. Already got a LL from another top LAC so not super super stressed!

It’s not fake. My daughter received the same early letter.

Were there any international students received one? I read somewhere that Amherst sends early letters for domestic applicants only, so am wondering if any international applicant received one?!

Also, I see that that Reddit post was deleted so it may be fake news :"

Which lac?

Not fake. A kid that I went to A2A with got a likely letter. Pretty sure we just gotta remember that the vast majority of applicants who get accepted in the RD round don’t get likely letters.

Colby! It’s not a typical likely letter, but it’s an email inviting a small portion of their applicants to apply to their Presidential Scholar’s program, which is basically their version of a likely letter. I think they use it as a way to attract what they consider their “top applicants,” similar to the function of a likely letter or early write.

Guys these early writes are not fake. Amherst typically sends them out every year to a small portion of their accepted applicant pool. It’s a very impressive achievement and should not be dismissed or diminished as “fake news.”


A big congratulations to everyone that received one! I did not but I remain optimistic. It will happen if it is meant to be!


I sincerely hope so lol

I think you are right, edited my original post accordingly, my apologies.