Amherst Class of 2027 Official Thread

I see. Thank you.

We have to include their ED acceptances of around 275 + here but still the % is around 5 % & not 9%. So frankly don’t know their calculations but don’t know where did 9% come from ? I mean the source .


Most of these small LACs also fill over half their class with ED, athletes, QB, and others. So in fact the RD pool of well over 10,000 applicants is competing for 200 remaining spots at most places like Williams Amherst bowdoin Middlebury etc.


Same here, waitlisted Amherst, rejected from Williams. Luckily Likely-Letter from Cornell. Puh.


It is true. Their reputation is so much greater than the amount of students they can hold. They have to turn away, so I would not take it as a loss. They are looking for a specific type of student.

Admissions at this level of rejection is such a lottery beyond a certain point. Even when they are looking for a specific type of student, there are WAY more of those types of students than they can accept, so it comes down to the randomness of which qualified student catches the eye of an admissions counselor with which unpredictable detail.

Daughter admitted Amherst, Oberlin, St. Olaf, rejected Macalester and Carleton. ??