And I graduated from UVA?? Need email help

<p>So I created an alias because I'd like to continue to look spiffy in the world by having a account, but I don't want to merge real-world stuff into my computingID one. That one has my family, friends, and official UVA stuff on it, and I'll probably keep my work on it too. But everything else in the world, such as banks, credit cards, car dealerships, facebook, etc (you know, stuff too important for my junk Gmail account but want to keep separate from my official email) I want on a seperate account. So, I created an what?!?! :confused:</p>

<p>Usually Aliases just allow you to have a different email address that you give out but they still all come to the same email account so they don't keep things separate per say. You can filter items to automatically go into certain folders, etc but aliases won't provide the separation you are interested in though I could be mistaken. For that your best bet is to create another email through gmail, yahoo, a future employer, etc although then the hassle is you have to check both accounts regularly.</p>

<p>You don't have to check multiple email accounts. You can have gmail fetch all your email into your gmail inbox. I do it now. Piece of cake.</p>

<p>So UVA's email is through Gmail and to set it up to bring it into an outside program, you have to change the password through Gmail. I can't seem to log in through Gmail and I can't get the mail from checking my <a href=""></a> either, so it doesn't seem to be forwarding it.
I don't care about the separation more than I want two different addresses to give out. I can filter them from there...</p>

<p>My daughter has her UVA email and 1 alias set to go into her personal gmail account and it works well but for that she did set it up from gmail directly but one of the emails was not a virginia one so she can log in directly through, I don't think you can log into UVA email directly from though but I certainly could be wrong. She also has the UVA emails set to tag automatically as [UVA] when they come into her gmail account so she can immediately see which are the UVA ones. This was she can give out her personal email or her UVA email but check it all from one portal.</p>

<p>I can receive from the account, I just can't seem to set up sending from the account in a mail program. <em>le sigh</em> where's hazel when I need her?? :)</p>

<p>If you can receive emails sent to the address, setting up to send from it is pretty easy -- you do it in gmail. Log in to your UVa Gmail account (through netbadge), click "Settings" at the top right, then Accounts. Click "Add another email address you own", then type in the full email. Gmail will make you validate that you own the address, and from then on it'll let you select which email you want to send from (your computing ID or the alias) when you're composing an email.</p>

<p>Yup, got all of that. It's trying to use it outside of the webpage that I can't send. I'm on a Mac using Mail and have the outgoing mailbox server the same as my compID mailbox, and it isn't working...</p>

<p>Hi shoe!! Sorry I am on vacation!!</p>

<p>You will need to reset your password. I had to do this to do IMAP fetching which is likely what you will want to do. You just go to settings - accounts - google account settings (link at bottom) to do this. You do it for your main <a href=""></a> address.</p>

<p>Now forwards that you can make now only work at so that might be confusing you. For instance the forward I made my first year will expire when I graduate because it is and you cannot even make those anymore. I have 1 or 2 others at and those will work forever. So try that out too.</p>

<p>Then just google for GMail IMAP and that will likely head you in the right direction... HTH</p>

<p>hazelorb = boss</p>

<p>Also I have it set in GMail that it will automatically choose which address to send from if it can (such as on reply). I'm sure there's a similar setting for whatever email program you're using?? I have like 5 addresses plus my UVA forwards all in one mailbox lol. I love filters!! Shoe, fyi, I too have a separate address for random stuff but I have it forwarding through Google Apps for one of my domains instead of a UVA forward. I still use webmail though so I can't vouch for how it will work in an email program, but it's going great for me. I'm sure you could do IMAP fetching on that though if you have a domain Google Apps are free (as long as you can set it up, which involves some CNAME stuff I believe??). Anyways, most mail programs through the web just make you prove that you own the address via reply through link or similar, there has to be something similar for adding a forward as a sendable address on a mail program... :&lt;/p>

<p>You do know I was looking for a response from you when I asked the question, but felt it was too over the top to name the thread "Hazel, I need help" ;) </p>

<p>I seem to be able to receive, just not send, when I'm in Mail or Thunderbird. I'm using the standard IMAP outgoing mailbox and I tried to change the passwords, again, no avail. Maybe I'll try POP...<em>sigh</em></p>

<p>Maybe we should start some threads: Hazel's will be "Anything Computer/ITC Crapola", MechWahoo will be "BmE is Me", mine will be "Controversial Advice", Powder will get the "Here, Let Me Paint You a Rainbow"
We'll then have a shared "If You Need a Grasp on Reality/Swift Kick in the Arss, Ask Us"</p>

<p>Lol shoe.</p>

<p>Okay well some of this seems questionable but try this
[1489</a>] How to send from an email alias in Thunderbird - Help Desk
This seems more legit kind of same directions with nice screenshots
How</a> to set up multiple identities and accounts in Thunderbird - High Desert Web Help Pages</p>

<p>pulling from [url=<a href=""&gt;]Google[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>I don't use Thunderbird though so I can't vouch for sure... :\ I'm sure there's a similiar thing for your macmail. This is what Rodman was talking about for GMail, I use it for my addresses right in the webmail which I referenced, most mail programs have a separate way to add the aliases as identities or accounts or whatever keyword they call it. Gmail requires you to email validate you own the address, for spam reasons. Not sure if Thunderbird requires that or not (same with your macmail). Let us know if this works!!</p>

<p>Everyone please clap for Hazel.</p>

<p>Seriously...I'm gonna call you DJJ from now on: Dean J Junior. I expect a UVa memento (you'll understand what I mean, soon enough :))</p>