Announcements for admitted students majoring in Nursing

Good luck to Nursing hopefuls. D is admitted student who was notified she’d receive direct entry Nursing decision on 1/15.

Has anyone received a notification about being accepted into the nursing program? If so was in on the student portal, in an email, or in the mail?

I don’t think we’ve heard anything yet. I’ll verify with D.

So no update for us either. Now D is stating the email announcing 1/15 was to let her know that no decision would be available until at least that date. She thinks that’s when applications to Nursing were due and the school will now be able to review the entire pool before making its selection.

My D is patiently awaiting as well. I am thinking they will start letting people know this Friday. She recieved huge scholarship from Xavier would be a shame if she did not get into nursing program.

Xavier has been very helpful in finding nursing resources for my D’s upcoming visit. I’m curious to see my D’s ranking after her various campus visits.

For those interested I just spoke with admissions and they advised me that they had over 800 applicants this year for nursing and once all applications have been reviewed they will release the acceptances/denials all at once. They stated it would not be until closer to the end of the month. Also out of the 800 they accept 175 so good luck to all.

Thanks for that useful information @ccs0623 That’s actually a pretty high acceptance rate for Nursing in my opinion. At my D’s local school San Diego State where she also has applied for Nursing they accept about 300 students from 5000 applicants! Xavier must be trying to fill a Nursing class of about 60-70 students (the yield which is the number who enroll divided by the number accepted is probably a little over a third). Maybe. Xavier is high on my D’s list of admitted schools and her campus tour is scheduled for March. Good luck everyone!

@Banker1-My D emailed the director of nursing a couple of days ago and she was told that the average nursing class size is around 120-140. She did also state that out of that amount not all those will graduate, they end up switching majors. Hopefully our daughters have a good chance.

Did anyone else receive the email promoting the facility improvements coming to Xavier? It said -
Fall 2019 opening new Health United Building (HUB) that includes new Rec center, 11 new classrooms, 12 private study rooms, 5 nursing simulation labs and more.

Yes - we toured over the summer and the dean talked about that. The current facilities leave a bit to be desired, so they definitely need it.

It sounds like they are on track construction-wise, at least for now.

I got my decision - accepted!

@pinegreen21 Congrats! How were you notified?

@pinegreen21 Congrats my daughter was accepted as well!!

@Banker1 My D was notified by email!

My D finally got home from work and checked her email - she is admitted to the Nursing program. Her letter said they have 1200 applicants for 150 spots.

@Banker1 Congrats to your daughter. Is Xavier high on her list? My daughter email said the same. My daughter just got deferred from Penn State this morning to a branch campus so I am thinking she might be going to Xavier. It is between JMU and Xavier now.

@ccs0623 D has never had a list of top schools. She applied liberally and is hard to read. I think Xavier is in top 3-4. The upcoming visits (8 schools) will help her decide. She did apply for St Francis and obviously being awarded that would go along way to help her decide.

My D was admitted into the Nursing program on 2/1. Yay!!

Congrats, @JoanieMitch . Will your D attend or is she still weighing other options?