Announcing CC's new moderators

Excellent choices!!!

Well, Rashida Jones is pretty cool, but I’m not sure she’s as cool as us Mods! And to show my age, I totally watched the Mod Squad as a kid.

I’ll flag myself, thanks😆


And Peggy Lipton had a cool vibe too. I sometimes like when things go a little off topic . Usually, it comes around in due time .

Congratulations to the two new moderators! Thanks for volunteering.

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Congrats and thank you!! @momofboiler1 and @MWolf

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Congratulations! :confetti_ball::champagne::balloon:

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Congratulations to the new mods. Your contributions are appreciated.

Congrats, @momofboiler1 and @MWolf! Excited to have you join the mods team.

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Congrats new Moderators!

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Congratulations to the new moderators! It’s a challenging but rewarding job. :slight_smile: