Moderator nominations for Fall of 2022

I’m pleased to announce we are opening up two moderator positions. Moderators are leaders chosen from the membership of College Confidential. As such they enforce the forum rules and work closely with the community managers. Sorin and I depend on the moderators for insight about the community and to maintain healthy interactions on the site. Moderation is CC’s key differentiator and we’re beyond grateful for the volunteers who step up to maintain the quality of this site.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. Anyone can nominate themselves or someone else to be moderator. Just send me a private message explaining why the person would be a good moderator.
  2. Next week I will contact the people who have been nominated to make sure they have an interest in being a moderator and answering any questions they might have.
  3. If there are more than 2 candidates, I will set up an election so that members of the community will have a say in the decision.

A few notes that might answer some of your questions:

  • The moderator list includes people who aren’t active at the moment. I will be contacting them soon to find out if they want to stay on a moderators.
  • In addition to verifying interest, I will screen nominees who clearly are not good candidates for becoming a moderator.
  • One of the biggest challenges moderators have faced recently is mediating between people who come to disagreement about politics. We recently created a group for discussing politics and the CC moderators have no obligation to moderate there. (For the moment it’s my job.)
  • Sorin and I will be around to show new moderators the ropes. We also have a private subforum for moderators and staff to communicate. If you become a moderator, you won’t be alone!
  • We plan to bring in new moderators regularly. (Perhaps even yearly.) This is by no means the last opportunity.

Feel free to ask any questions I haven’t sufficiently answered. Please don’t nominate people here, but send me a direct message.

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@CC_Jon could you also do the same with forum champions who are no longer active on the site?


I can. Good call out.

Thank you all for all the nominations that were sent to me privately! We’re contacting people who have been nominated this week. Based on how many are interested I’ll have an update next week.