CC Updates for August 2022

Just getting it in under the wire, but here’s the news since the July update.

Moderator nominations begin

I’m accepting nominations for moderator via private message. If you or someone you know would be a good candidate, send me a message.

Return of CC_Sorin

After an absence, @CC_Sorin has rejoined me as a community manager. He’s already been a huge help setting up early decision and early action threads. His deep knowledge of the community and its history have been invaluable already.

Student ambassador program

We got hundreds of applications to become Student Ambassadors! Now we’re narrowing down the list and starting interviewing applicants. I’m hoping I will be able to introduce our first class of Student Ambassadors in a few weeks.

Politics Group experiment

We’ve created a group for political discussions. The subforum has been very active, generally respectful and full of the sort of debates that aren’t normally allowed. [Knock on wood.]

New hosting arrangement still in the works

It’s taking a bit longer than we hoped (partially due to summer vacations), but we are close to moving to a new hosting company. That change should improve the reliability of site. We’ve also worked out a plan to limit the downtime for the transition to a few off-peak hours. When I know more about timing, I’ll let you all know.

Tips on how to use the forum

When people run across difficulties or confusion in how the site works, I can sometimes share tricks that might make your life easier. From the past month:


Any chance an app will ever return??

It’s not currently on the roadmap, but we do know there is a desire for it. We believe it will also be a benefit for engaging with students who are used to getting their information on their phone or tablet, not a desktop/laptop.