CC Updates for July 2022

Here’s what’s happened since the June update.

Programmatic ads removed

Mike mentioned that we’re removing a specific type of advertising that no longer serves our mission. That happened at the end of June. We still have other types of advertising on the site that focus on schools and education-related organizations that are broadly relevant to visitors.

Moderator election in August

We’ve been incredibly blessed to have amazing moderators over the years. Every day people try to post spam (lately cryptocurrency) and other nonsense. Our moderators keep the site clean in all sorts of ways, including stepping in when polite discussion drifts into unhelpful debate. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for their hours of volunteer time. (Thanks again, MaineLonghorn!)

We’d like to add at least one moderator to the team in August. We’re considering a moderator election system based on my experience at the Stack Exchange network. It’s a wonderful opportunity to recognize fellow community members for their dedication and to keep the site healthy for all. More details coming in the weeks ahead!

New hosting service

Mike also mentioned we are changing to new hosting service. In order to make sure it happens without noticeable downtime, we’re delaying the changeover until August. When we have a firm date, I’ll post an update here.

Staff username changes

This is a small item, but we’re changing our handles so that it’ll be easier to identify staff members. As of today, our names will fit the CC_Name format. I’m changing the names of a few users who have taken CC_Something as their usernames to prevent confusion. The system will prevent new users from taking those usernames as well.


First off thank you for the update!

Just wanted to add a thought that the common app opens August 1st and move in starts for many colleges in mid August. I recall in years past seeing more posts around that time.


Good to know! I can tell you right now it won’t be on August 1. :slight_smile: In any case, the process is relatively simple and will happen in off hours.


Ignore this. Problem solved. :slight_smile: