Another home decorating question

My couch needs replacing. Because of a bad neck, my husband is most comfortable with a reclining sofa with a high back. Not my favorite but I did find a sofa that isn’t terrible.

I have a brown recliner that I want to keep. But I’d like to transition my room to something a little more updated. I’d like to bring in a new chair to bring the sofa and recliner together.

This is option 1

Option 2

This is the style of sofa

I asked my sister and mom. They aren’t fond of either option and think I should go with solid colors with pillows of the printed fabric.

Are printed fabric chairs out of style. I want to lighten up the room but I’m not going to go with white which is all I’m seeing on line.

Option 2 is a bit too dark for me, so my vote is 1.


Thanks. I’m really bad with these things

No expertise whatsoever in this realm, just reacting with my gut.
Is the leather in each photo the same chair with different lighting?
I like the print in option 1. Wondering how it would look near the tweed of option 2.
Also, the geometric feel of the tweed of option 1 might go well with the print in option 2.


I like the option 2. The first one is very traditional, which is not my preference these days. Both pretty, just different styles. I prefer the transitional style myself.


Sorry, I put the samples on different chairs. Here’s option 2 on the chair I’m keeping along with a sample I’ve decided is too dark. I do like it though, the fabric is nice and soft.

This is the tweed in option 1 with the print of option 2.

Thanks so much, this is very helpful

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So you’re recovering the sofa and the recliner chair? Or sofa coming in a tweed (like in the ad?)

If you’re trying to recover a recliner with the indentations like you have it’ll need to be a solid or the tweed like in option 2. A large geometric design will end up a mess I imagine (I do like it though). You can google “recliner with print fabric” images to see what I mean. If the print is used on a recliner they are all smooth lines (no gathers).

I think I’d vote with mom and sister and go solid (or option 2 tweed) and use the other for pillows.

Buying a new sofa and chair. Sofa will be the one pictured in a tweed. I think :joy:

To me the first print (sort of a light floral) is softer looking in tone than the geometric. The geometric is “hard”- like, to me will really stand out in the room - it’s about personal taste of course, but the geometric standing out would be a negative to me. I wouldn’t want the room to scream “CHAIR”! So I’d chose the lighter floral print.

I also am not against the 3rd one you ruled out! Yes it is darker but I feel like it’s a softer look (not talking about texture). If you have a lot of wood in this room or other brown the darker fabric may be too blah though.


Both options are nice! The recliner sofa style is just fine. I assume the patterned fabric will also be used for sofa pillows - ? I personally like Option 1 especially if the rest of your decor has some complementary “nature” elements (e.g., raw edge tables, a large potted plant, etc.).

The geometric print on Option 2 is nice but could be too busy for the eyes if it covers a large chair.

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Thanks. No one is talking me out of a patterned chair because it’s been a journey to get to this point!

All of the woodwork in the house is oak. Really can’t be changed unfortunately. All of the windows trimmed in oak. I like to pretend it’s arts and crafts and not early 90’s


I like option 1. I think some accent pieces that incorporate the teal ish color would be pretty.


I like Option 1 best. All my furniture is plain except a small chair that swivels and rocks - and it’s covered with a pattern of leaves with limited contrast like your example. (Mine is a smaller pattern though.) I find that having one patterned piece is a bit like putting patterned cushions on a sofa - it makes the room a little less boring.


Another vote for option 1.
The geometric pattern is “too much” for me.
If you did the chair with the “plain” option in 2, and had a pillow or 2 in the geometric, that would be fine.
Of course I am NOT good at this kind of thing, and tend to go “boring and safe.”

Rethinking things. Option 1 with the chair in the tweed and a pillow in the print. Then going back to the store for a solid color couch.


I like your “new” option a lot. Then if you get tired of the pillow, it will be easy to find another that goes with the chair.


It’s totally fine if the room has lots of other wood (oak trim and such) - that just plays into your choices - which still keeps me at choice #1
My other recommendation - but this is me….I would NOT get pillows that match the exact fabric of the chair, even if using in other parts of the room. I would take a trip to TJ or HomeGoods and pick out a few pillows that maybe have those colors but are not matchy matchy. The pillows can then bring a little more color and texture to the room - and can be a vehicle to lighten up the room if desired.

I know sometimes furniture places throw in matching pillows as part of the deal but I don’t think they add much style to a room. Pick some pillows or a throw or two for those chilly northern Michigan winters that you love!


This is what I do as well in my current home. I have solid neutral sofa, matching darker neutral club chairs and I change out throw pillows as I feel like it. I do have 2 custom throw pillows in the same fabric as valances in an adjacent room, but I switch those in and out with fun pillows from HomeGoods, TJ, And That!, etc.

In fact, my friend and I just returned from AndThat! I’d never been before. We found a few things…. :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3: