Another TOEFL Question!!

<p>I just logged on my TOEFL account and tried to print the ticket but nothing happened only pop-ups appeared ! i clicked on e-mail and a very crammed form of the ticket (i guess) got sent to me so should i just copy, paste and print or is that e-mail ticket unacceptable ?
i would really appreciate the feedback

<p>Hmm.. Try taking a copy of both if you can. It might be better that way. Or wait for sometime, log in again and check. Make sure you dont have a pop up blocker or something. I am not very sure though!</p>

<p>Thanks anyways shruthibaskaranes
i deactivated the pop up blocker and it still seems stuck or something . How does the ticket look once its printed can anyone tell me ??
Does it have the ETS logo on the left corner and subtitles in blue with info in black, and is it amazingly long ??
if so then i think i'll just copy and paste elsewhere.</p>

<p>You don't need to print the ticket, if it helps... you'll only need your ID</p>

<p>are you sure agldro ??
( we don't need to copy anything off of it on the day or anything? )
thanks anyways</p>

<p>I didn't need the printout of my ticket either. The test administrators have a list of names who are signed up for the test. On the other hand, it might be helpful to print out the ticket just in case...</p>