Another UW reseacher in trouble

<p>Former</a> UW-Madison researcher guilty of misconduct -</p>

<p>your concern has been noted.</p>

<p>"Goodwin, a former associate genetics professor, worked at UW-Madison from 2000 to 2006. She resigned after the school launched an investigation into her research based on complaints from graduate students who worked in her laboratory. </p>

<p>The school investigation found she improperly relabeled charts and graphics in three grant applications. Strang said that, while she pleaded guilty to one count, Goodwin does acknowledge submitting false data on three documents related to one federal grant. </p>

<p>Another success in self-policing and people doing the right thing. The uW did very well in this crisis.
It was also covered extensively in the UW press.</p>

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<p>Self-policing is essential to building and keeping a strong reputation. I congratulate UW.</p>

<p>And, I'd like to thank novaparent for bringing this to my attention.</p>