Antioch College Furloughs Faculty and Staff

"Another round of cost cutting is under way at Antioch College, with faculty and staff members who earn more than $40,000 per year being required to take mandatory furloughs and a de facto hiring freeze being put in place.

Affected faculty and staff at the small college in Yellow Springs, Ohio, will need to take 10 days of unpaid leave before June 30, according to The Yellow Springs News. That’s the equivalent of an 11 percent pay cut over the next several months, or 3.8 percent of their annual salaries. No jobs are being eliminated.

Antioch has 118 staff members and 31 faculty members, not including adjuncts. The furlough requirement effectively covers all full-time faculty members but less than half of nonfaculty staff members. Adjuncts will not have to take furloughs." …