Any advantage of a 3-year visa over 2-year visa?

<p>Hello friends,</p>

<p>While university-A is giving i20 for 3 years (hence visa will be for 3 years), university-B is giving i20 for 2 years for the same MS course (and thus visa for 2 years). Assuming all other parameters remaining same/equal between the 2 universities:</p>

<p>1) Does choosing univ-A has any advantage over choosing univ-B, w.r.t. further stay in US beyond graduation. </p>

<p>2) Also, how do OPT/internship impact such a situation? </p>

<p>3) If someone completes his MS in univ-A in 2 years (though his visa is for 3 years), can he stay for the additional 3rd year without internship/work?</p>

<p>Please help. :(:(</p>

<p>your best bet is to contact international student services at univ-B (or univ-A) for clarification.</p>

<p>I replied to your post on the Indian thread.</p>