Any Delaware people here???

<p>Ok I'm not totally biting my fingernails on this one but UDel is the first college I'll hear back from, decisions were mailed today so I'll get snail mail in a dew days.</p>

<p>question is: anyone apply to delaware here? someone said the admissions site is down where you log in, which means they're prob posting decisions, but I don't remember ever getting a delaware login! Anyone else know anything?</p>

<p>thanks! Even though del is more of a safety, I'm so anxious to be in somewhere!!!</p>

<p>edit: reason I'm posting here is because I figure more people will see it sooner, and I'm going out of town in a couple hours</p>

<p>I applied to UDel, but did it using their own application rather than the Common App, so my login is the one I used to complete my application. It may be too late now, but I would call and give them your SSN to see if they can give you your login. However, I just checked the admissions site and decisions aren't there to the best of my knowledge.</p>

<p>Thanks for the post! I finally found the place to enter an ID and pass, and entered my email for lost password, but it says I don't have one. It says to create an account you need your UD ID, something I don't have. </p>

<p>Are decisions definitely posted online? I wonder how I missed this...</p>

<p>Are decisions even posted on the Delaware site for sure? I had no idea!</p>

<p>Are there any other forums to see folks commenting about Delaware acceptances, I am new to CC and really any Forums.</p>

<p>I was in contact with an admissions officer and decisions were sent out late afternoon on 3/14, so hopefully that means they will come tomorrow. They are not posted online.</p>

<p>yesterday, March 15 from Delaware. She has also been accepted at Penn State, Main campus. She is leaning toward Penn State. Good luck, we are in suburban Philadelphia. You should hear something tomorrow</p>

<p>See Decisions??? under Univ. of Delaware. There appears to be a way to check online.</p>

<p>Ok cool, found out I was accepted into the honors program at Del through an email with an admissions officer. Thanks guys and good luck</p>