Any EDIIers out there?

<p>Well, the deadline for EDII has officially passed, which means that I'll no longer feel guilty for potentially distracting someone from finishing their app. :p So is there anyone else out there applying EDII to Pomona? I'd love to get the chance to meet a few potential future classmates.</p>

<p>Myself, I visited Pomona this fall and absolutely loved it. Sadly, it was just a little too late to apply EDI, but EDII worked out nicely for me. The only thing about it is hearing stuff from my friends who've gotten into their top choice schools already when poor ol' me has to wait until February. But hey, Pomona's worth it. :)</p>

<p>I also visited after the EDI deadline, and ended up applying EDII. I think my visit to Pomona made all the difference, I really fell in love with the school and its academic climate. Do you know if there's any advantage to applying EDII as opposed to EDI? ie; don't all recruited athletes go EDI?</p>

<p>I might have this wrong, but ED1 has about double the admittance rate for ED2, but ED2 has about triple the admittance rate as RD.</p>

<p>I'm an ED2 applicant. My brother goes to Pomona and it's always been one of my top schools, but in a rather spontaneous and "gut-feeling" decision I applied ED2, and don't regret it at all. In fact, every day I'm more and more confident that it was the right decision, and I cannot wait to go, provided I get in!</p>

<p>Some athletes apply EDII, my son did. Sometimes they are athletes who for some reason or another don't get in to one of the Ivies ED 1 and then fall in line with Pomona or similar schools EDII. And it all works out for the best!!! :)</p>

<p>We're so close. I'm so glad that I applied ED II,mi just hope that I can get in...
We need to get this thread started tough, it'll make the next eleven days easier!</p>

<p>So so so anxious.</p>

<p>I had a great dream last night, but then I realized it wasn’t real :(</p>

<p>I dreamt I was on Amherst’s campus. I had been accepted, but hadn’t received my acceptance letter yet for whatever reason so I was waiting around anxiously for my letter on campus. I got the letter and started screaming, “I got into my dream college!”
I had this amazing, peaceful feeling thinking I belonged somewhere.
But then I realized something was wrong because Amherst wasn’t my dream college (obviously it's Pomona, else I wouldn't have applied ED).</p>

<p>But I kept going with my dream. I was somewhat aware that I was dreaming and that it wasn’t real, but I wanted to keep dreaming.</p>

<p>I went through orientation and met new people, and right as I was about to go into my new dorm, I woke up. I panicked when I woke up in my bed. I should have been in my dorm. Why was I in bed at home? And then I realized that I hadn’t gotten into college yet. And then anxiety just washed over me.</p>

<p>Le sigh. It felt so great thinking I had gotten into college. I just want these next 10 days to be over with already.</p>

<p>Agreed. I had a similar dream last night except nothing was out of the ordinary - it was my completely normal life except I had been accepted to Pomona (and actually gotten the letter). I woke up and still thought I was accepted.</p>

<p>Are we only getting notified of the decision through mail? I remember something about an email, but I may be delusional. Haha, I've been dreaming about being accepted too, I just want to be in Claremont!</p>

<p>Mail only. If it's a big envelope, you're in. If it's small/normal-sized, you've been rejected/other.</p>

<p>@zrathustra I'm glad I'm not the only one checking this every few hours >_> Nothing ever really happens in Pomona's threads but I just want to meet other Pomona kids/applicants right now :<</p>

<p>Haha since there are only three of us that could be good news... I'm so far away though so ill probably know last.</p>

<p>I'm in Arizona so I'm hoping it'll be here on the 15th. My brother goes to Pomona and family weekend is the weekend just after the 15th, so I'd only be going if I get accepted/deferred/waitlisted.</p>

<p>I'm all the way in Wisconsin bleh.
From what I've seen on CC, people usually get it anywhere from the 11th-15th. The closer you are to LA, the sooner you get it, so you'll probably get it first zrathustra.
Where are you gangster?</p>

<p>Maybe the other kids who applied just stalk around the forum like I usually do haha. Speak up peeps! We might all be classmates!</p>

<p>I applied, but RD (: good luck guys!</p>

<p>This week is going to take forever!</p>

<p>I'm all the way in FL...</p>

<p>This is so nerve-wracking! I don't even believe in prayer, but I will be praying this week, just in case! Good luck to us all :)</p>

<p>They've probably already made their decisions...we just have to wait.</p>

<p>I applied and I live in California... I've been telling myself I don't want to get accepted in case I get rejected it won't hurt as much.</p>

<p>Just over a week... we're almost there! This is going to be the longest week ever.</p>