Any grad students applying to Yale?

<p>Sorry to keep harping on about this (just wrote another post about it), but I was hoping maybe this heading would attract someone who has faced the problem of converting their international grades into a US 'GPA'. Yale's online graduate application (to GSAS) won't let me submit unless I fill in a GPA for each academic institution I've attended, and I don't have a clue . SO if anyone has ANY idea, please reply to this post... ! Thanks.</p>

<p>Can you convert your grades into A,B,C, D, & F letter grades? If you can it's easy to calculate your GPA: </p>

<p>A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0. You can add and subtract 0.3 from these for pluses and minuses if appropriate.</p>


<p>grade x hours* = grade points for that class</p>

<p>Now add up all the grade points for all the classes you've taken, which we will call X.
Now add up all the hours from all the classes you've taken, which we will call Y.</p>

<p>Now divide: X/Y = GPA </p>

<p>*Hours = the number of hours you met in lecture each week. A class that meet for 1 hour 3 times per week is a 3 hour class. So a B in a 3 hour class yields 9 grade points.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Thank you SO much! That was a great help. Just a small question: some graduate courses I've taken didn't really have any 'hours' , as they were about independent research and I only met a couple of times with a supervisor to discuss my written work. I'd say on average that I had two-four hours supervision per semester on these courses (nothing per week) - I guess for those grades, I just convert my grade ( A, B etc,) without taking the hours into account?
Again, thanx a million! You've been so, so helpful</p>

<p>Hmm...I can't say for sure, but those tutorial/independent research type classes are usually worth about 1 hour. </p>

<p>Also, laboratory courses are worth less than lecture courses. Typically about 1/3 as much. For example if you had a chemistry lab course that met twice a week for 3 hours each session for a total of 6 hours each week spent in lab, that would be only a 2 hour course.</p>

<p>thanx! I actually ended up just making a rough estimate and sending off the application. I just had to get it out of the way .There was this place where I could add additional info so I just added there that my GPA estimates were really rough since I was not familiar with the US system. ! Hope it works out and that I didn't estimate too far off. Thank you so much for your help!!!Are you applying to Yale too?</p>

<p>No, I am not applying to Yale. I am one fo the parents.</p>