any international student got into top schools or IVies with low 600 verbal score??

<p>I just wonder if any international student got into top ivies and top schools with 600 or 610 verbal score...with high math score.....
I have 610V, this score going to affect my chances at IVIES or other top schools???
if some intl students got in with 600V or 610V, it will give me some hope!!!!</p>

<p>Even some US residents get in with 500 Verbals into Ivies.</p>

<p>I dont really think international students can get in with scores less than (about) 650 in verbal (in Ivies) because there will be heaps of internationals with bigger verbal scores than that and competition will be fierce.
........unless you are like some athletic superstar.
I heard that they favor higher verbal scores than maths scores from intels.</p>

<p>BUT.. if it helps, some distant relative of mine (I think it's my cousin), he got in to Princeton with 640v and 680 maths.. only 1320 - I don't know how he got in though. I think he played soccer for his country. Maybe he wrote good essays (?)...</p>

<p>"I think he played soccer for his country"

<p>hey krbxtigerz 610 is good, and many intls do get in with that score,
i got 800M 600V, and am definitely applying to HYP etc.</p>

<p>Dont worry, i'll inform you if i get accepted :D</p>

<p>a 610 is a very decent score for someone whose first language is not english. don't worry</p>

<p>wtf - why do u not think he played for his country? I asked my mum and he played in the junior league. - unless you think he played for the country as in the country representative like the official country team... he was only 18 - junior</p>

<p>you guys must be joking - 600v and into HYP? are you guys crazy? 610 is a decent score for english as a second language but there's far more intels with verbal scores over 690- most who hit the 700 mark.
i'd say atleast 600v for consideration. but i think more than half the people who apply to HYP have verbal scores higher than 660/670 (intels).</p>

<p>Sorry for the directness but that's my opinion.</p>

<p>the point there are loads of intls who score 600-700 on the verbal. The score is good, but we will have to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the pack!!</p>

<p>NoFox. there are a lot of international students with very high scores, BUT! Do remember that among those international students there are tons of people from Canada; UK; Australia; Commonwealth whatsoever; and some African countries - where their native/or official language IS ENGLISH!! But they are still international students, who are suitable for your statistics. I guess it makes a difference regarding the SAT Verbal scores, don't you think so? Also, there are a lot of people from countries (like China or India) who are sending their students to American Universities for quite a long time and quite A LOT of students. So, they should have experience with preparing people for taking SAT. Further, a lot of these people go to British school system or IB.
So, SWEDEN does not fall under any of these characteristics. I bet there are VERY few people from this country applying to American schools (Ria, am I right??). And it matters, it matters because it affects the way people learn English at school. So! I'm sure that when evaluating applicants, admission committees do consider such things. </p>

<p>Well, that is my point. Theoretically:) . Of course, I do not know how the admission committee works in reality. But neither do you, no? So, let's encourage Ria to retake the test and especially try to pull up her math. But let's not discourage her from applying to HYP. You never loose anything applying to great schools even if they are super-reaches, don't you think so? And applying to them is fun. So Ria, go ahead, study for the test and apply to the schools you WANT to go to. Because the schools you do not want to go to might be not worth leaving Sweden:)</p>

<p>You never loose anything applying to great schools even if they are super-reaches</p>

<p>i totally agree. okay, maybe the $200 odd SAT tests and application fees.</p>

<p>Oh, my God, I just discovered what a mess my post was. It should not have anything to do with Ria, or Sweden (it was from another topic) SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!!!!!
I'm SO embarrassed.....ohhhhhhh! Sorry, again, disregard it , please! Ria, I'm very sorry:)</p>

<p>actually a good chunk of it made a lot of sense</p>

<p>The valedictorian in my HS class got into Stanford RD with a 570 Verbal and a 550 Writing. He had a combined 1280 SAT and the SAT IIs were in the upper 600s.</p>

<p>He did not requested financial aid, he was the 1/52 and he had good math/science test grades.</p>

<p>By the way, Sweden is a very well represented country at every top college. Most of the population speaks English, and their education is quite good so are their applicants.</p>

<p>My country Panama on the other hand is at the other side of the spectrum. Poor education, with only Private School students going to American colleges.</p>

<p>Wiki, what Country are you from How could that be? We are being told that a bit lower verbal SAT is normal for non english speaker but math and other grades need to more than make up for this. So 570 verbal means low math score. What else did he do? Can anyone say does not asking for financial aid make the big difference?</p>

<p>Hello - thanks:)
Wiki, Yale facebook shows only one person from Sweden. ???:(( Kind of sad - it would be so nice to meet people from Sweden:) I do not know anyone from there. But then again, there are relatively few people from Europe generally.
That is not to doubt that they have high level education - I'm sure they do, and very high. But if the country is very developed, there's less incentive to apply to US schools, don't you think so?
AND! I told in my second post - Sweden was from another topic:))))</p>

<p>if u get 800 V on the SAT and a decent math score (720) is it good enough for HYP?
I mean do i stand a chance with good satII scores, solid grades, strong EC's BUT hardly any Comm Service?</p>

<p>With 1520 you are average for group applying. It makes you a candidate but you will need to show you are interesting and will have much to contribute through your other benefits.</p>

<p>ok thx. I am sending a recording (saxophone). That'll be the main focus of my application. I suppose that will help. do you think I should retake the satI? What if I get 800M and 700V this time? is it worth it?</p>

<p>axfr; your school transcript and report is many times more important than your SATs. The latter are sort of used to make sure you are at least competent in the system of learning they support. Obviously one helps the other, but if you have straight As then they will be more likely to mistrust your SATs than your school grades.</p>

<p>Actually, Yale College has 10 students from Sweeden.</p>

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