Any international students planning on transferring? intl to USA

The above I guess - would like to find some fellow internationals to suffer through the process with!


transfer from the UK to a US college, or transfer from the US to the UK?

Anywhere to US - put the UK tag because I had to put an intl tag - but i’ll change that now to us

Please clarify…are you transferring from one college in the U.S. to another college in the U.S.

OR…do you currently attend college outside the U.S. and want to come to the U.S. as a transfer student?

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From outside the US to the US

Are you a US citizen?
Are you in your 1st term or do you have results from your 1st year already?
What’s tour budget (what can your parents afford to pay without a loan?)


If you need financial aid for attending college here, your search will be a much more challenging one.

But hopefully other international students seeking to transfer will join in here.

Hi there!

I am an International Student currently attending college in the US. Are you familiar with community colleges? I would take a look at it if I were you

Being both international and transfer is so tough :disappointed_relieved:

Suffering while trying to transfer from South Korea to US