Any Internship or summer job after high school graduation


<pre><code> We will move to B.C or Ontario Area in Canada as soon as my son graduates at high school in the U,S on this Jun. Actually, I and my son don't know where and how he starts to work during the summer term before going to college in the U.S. He was accepted in Early admission, trying to major in Computer science. Does someone recommend the best job for him? Any comment will be greatly appreciated.

<p>computer science = software engineer. But I doubt that many places will hire software engineer who hasn't done college yet. Maybe he should just start with a general job that has something to to with computers such as working in a computer/electronics store or something. That will give him something to rack up his work experience.</p>

<p>start with an internship. am an electronic engineering student myself and searching for internships before I graduate.</p>

<p>CompSci doesn't necessarily correlate to software engineering.</p>

<p>Try to find a programming job somewhere, such as in a web design company. It really depends on how much experience your son has. If not money but experience is the issue, he can try to do it as a volunteer thing.</p>