Any Singaporean based international student planning to apply to the US?


I am a parent of a Grade 10 student in an international school in Singapore planning to send our daughter to the US. We are doing a lot of ground work now. Exploring career options, majors, even considering a summer class there this July and making school visits on our own - mainly Boston and NY.

Anyone here able to share their experiences especially those who have already applied? attended summer school? visited campuses?

Is it true that international students are welcomed especially those self funding or those with accompanying scholarships?

Thanks in advance.

My daughter did this in reverse: attended school in Singapore from the US. She is considering a semester at NUS/Yale later on since her Massachusetts college has a reciprocal relationship there at no additional cost.

Yes, most US colleges like full pay students from abroad.

Do you know what your child wants to study? Do you know what your child wants to do following graduation (grad or professional school, work?)

I assume your child either will have done NS or it doesn’t apply.