Any Survivor Watchers?

My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that, because of COVID restrictions, several of the contestants that were voted off pre-jury were still on the island and in Ponderosa.

She did say in the exit interview that she was fighting for her life by arguing that truth matters over writing someone’s name down. I agree that she should have not called him a misogynist.

Jenny was one of the contestants that must have been on Ponderosa with the jury. The all speak so highly of her. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring her back.


Bumping again. It appears “Come on in, guys” is dropped worldwide. Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts started last week. Nico Panagio, the SA host, now calls the contestants in with “Come on over.” Again, no discussion of the change.

I’ve become spoiled with closed captioning on American shows. No subtitles are available for South Africa, and some contestants have more pronounced accents which takes some getting used to.

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Survivor 43 premieres this Wednesday, 9/21. Who’s watching?



Amazing Race starts soon as well. I sort of wish they weren’t both going at the same time.

Same night

I haven’t watched this show before, but I’m interested this year, as we’ve just returned from a trip to Munich and the surrounding area.

I love Amazing Race. If you like traveling and competition I can’t see how someone would NOT like it! It’s more rated “G” than a lot of reality shows these days!! :wink:


There is a separate thread for Amazing Race.

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Thoughts on last night?

It was a long episode but I felt like they did a good job introducing the members of the different tribes.

The two contestants that caught my attention are Jesse and Ryan. Both have incredible back stories.

Owen is an admissions counselor at Tulane. Owen Knight | Undergraduate Admission


Just finished watching. 2 hours is a long haul.

I think there are some incredible stories. I won’t remember names for awhile, but especially struck by the guy who was in a gang, now POLI SCI PHD and the guy who was born with CP. The women with the prosthetic also.

Grueling first challenge -
They were caked with mud and sand beyond recognition!

Jesse is the former gang member and current PhD candidate at Duke. There is an article about him on the Duke website.
Ryan is the one who was born with CP.

There is the female psychologist. I want to like her, but I didn’t like her speech to the camera.

Is she the one who lost her sister?

Sami is the young kid. I want to root for him but I don’t feel like he will make it far.

I liked Karla, the first gen Berkeley grad, who thought she would be seen as the weakest link and was surprised when people approached her to be in an alliance.

Speaking of alliances, I don’t understand how any of them take alliances made on the first day seriously.