Any thoughts about Trinity College?

Hey! So I’m considering applying for transfer to Trinity College, but I wanna hear some student reviews first.

Any comment or reply will be great! thanks!

I am not a student, but I do know others who have graduated from Trinity College in Connecticut. They did not enjoy their time there. Both Hispanic & both engineering students. Really preppy & privileged surrounded by a not-so-nice area.
Nevertheless, transferring depends upon the context. Which university or college do you currently attend, what don’t you like & why Trinity College ?

@Publisher , I’m attending community college in la (Computer science major). And I’m looking at various colleges that aren’t on the west coast. I came across Trinity on a website, it said they offer generous financial aid. So I was just wondering how’s the student life.

And thank you! I don’t think i’ll apply there now.

Trinity College works some & not as well for others. I only know of handful of students who actually attended Trinity College. As I recall, the surrounding neighborhood, heavy party scene & preppiness didn’t work for them, but it does for many. May not be a comfortable environment for those needing significant financial aid.
Nevertheless, I would need to know the reasons that you were considering Trinity College before deciding whether or not to apply there.

@International24 I am not a college student, but I do live at Trinity (my father works there, so we live on campus). What I can tell you is that as @Publisher said, it’s not for everyone, but that’s the case for all colleges. I can, however, guarantee that you would receive a solid education there and that it is possible to find ways of loving it. It’s small, with under 3,000 students, so you see familiar faces often as you walk across campus (this is comforting to some, but annoying to others). Despite how small the campus is, it’s beautiful and closed off from the busy city of Hartford. While Trinity happens to be situated in a not-so-nice part of the city, Hartford itself has lots of great places to eat and activities to attend year-round. Hartford even has its own professional hockey (Hartford Wolf Pack) and baseball (Hartford Yard Goats) teams. I can also personally vouch for the food on campus. While many Trinity students complain about it because it lacks variety once you eat it three times a day, every day, every year, the food itself is at least a 7/10 no matter where you choose to eat (Trinity has numerous options). I also know the professors and staff here are not only well-qualified and extremely intelligent, but also are kind-hearted people that care deeply about the students and their well-being. Yes, I’ll admit, Trinity has an abundance of preppy, rich, snobby, white kids, but it’s up to you whether or not you choose to directly interact with them. If you’re looking for the best financial aid package possible, Trinity gives out the majority of their money to their early decision students (so I always recommend ED to those who are interested in applying).
Let me know if you any other questions, I’m happy to help!

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Trinity isn’t for everyone, but it’s still a solid choice in terms of an education. I am not a current college student, but I do live at Trinity (my father works there, so we live on campus) and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have if you’re still interested!

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So sorry for the double post, my computer deleted the first one from my screen so I thought I had lost it and didn’t feel like retyping the whole comment again, haha

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@mathgeek19 how good is trinity college at engineering? I want to be immersed in a STEM environment. Is it a good choice?

could anyone help?

I am currently an Engineering student at Trinity. The engineering department is small, but the professors are great. The program is ABET accredited, and where it stands out is the chance to work with faculty on independent research (look up the interdisciplinary science program). They’ll put your name on publications, fly you around the world for conferences, and send you to a top grad school (If you work for it). It’s an immersive STEM environment if you make it one, but most of the school is liberal arts.

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@beanboy what about facilities? are their great facilities to help students work on their research? Also, what about jobs after college? I heard that Trinity offers a general engineering degree. This is the only one that is ABET accredited, but the departments are not. Does this really matter?

Every professor has a lab, obviously not as well funded as larger schools. I’m not sure about jobs after college I just know people who went to grad school. But I just got a summer internship with the Air Force after sophomore year. You can do mechanical, biomedical, electrical, or computer, all of which are ABET. All that employers really care about is that it’s ABET, and you have >3.0.

I think @publisher will be happy to learn that things have changed markedly at Trinity in just the past few years with the new administration. So his news is somewhat outdated. As a senior on financial aid I can attest that diversity of all kinds and geography has been a high priority for the new administration and this priority has already accomplished some real transformation. You will find the student body as a whole is very friendly and open. There is a good energy brewing. Yes there are still some idiot “bro’s” but their closed mind set no longer dominates. If you go to Trinity, you will work hard, you will have fun, and you will meet some excellent life long friends.

Yes to Trinity. The college president is an african american female neuroscientist. The head of admission and student engagement is latino and has made concerted inroads to attracting highest academically qualified candidates who reflect 1st gen and diversity. The academics are excellent. You will have research opportunities potentially. The school spirit is high as they are an athletic NESCAC conference powerhouse in multiple sports. The urban neighborhood is an opportunity to foster community engagement and the school sponsors and is connected with a high school magnet school that borders its campus for talented youth from the city. There are many industry internships for legislative and finance majors in the city and overall its a quick trip to NYC. You will be challenged and supported at Trinity, give it a look.

It is really not in a good neighborhood, and there have been instances of crimes committed by outsiders, as well as Trinity kids getting into trouble off campus. I wouldn’t venture off campus at night for sure. And make sure you know which areas of Hartford are safe and which are not before you start exploring. Rumor has it (we’re local) there are more drugs there than your average college. The campus itself is beautiful though. Some additional information:

The local area sounds similar to the city surrounding Temple University (which has not been a problem, I attended grad school there). Wondered if the two schools were similar in that way (if anyone knew)?

Trinity has actively been working on becoming more diverse and the progress is real but not lightening fast.

While the neighborhood that abuts the school isn’t terrific, Trinity has done an excellent job of making its location in Hartford a plus, through internships, volunteer opportunities, etc., that are available in a much more limited way at more isolated schools.

I would think that for students considering LACs, this one would be a strong contender.

This recent New York Times article offers an extensive, inside perspective on Trinity:

^ and pretty much every school trying to juggle both mission and finances – which is almost all of them. Great read.

To the extent the article pertains to Trinity specifically, I think it comports with your first paragraph in #17, @gardenstategal.