Any trans students at Stetson University?

I’m a senior in high school (class of 2021) and I also happen to be FtM. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find any information on what life is like for Trans students at Stetson, so I decided to create this thread. Current students and alumni are welcome to shed some light on what it’s like being trans at Stetson. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Congrats, soon-to-be grad! I am not a trans student but a gay man from Stetson who graduated recently, so mileage may vary. I think Stetson is right in the middle when it comes to LGBTQ life. It is a small liberal-arts style college in a relatively right-leaning small town. However, DeLand is just close enough to be integrated into one of the most LGBTQ-friendly/populated metro areas in the country. So there are several DeLand locals identifying with our community who are Orlando commuters and retirees.

There are several attempts at the school to update facilities and consciousness of gender inclusivity on campus, like with gender-neutral bathrooms. These are only apparent in the newer and/or renovated buildings on campus, however. Otherwise, most other public bathrooms are single-occupancy rooms with gendered signage. I hope it continues to expand. I cannot speak for dorm life as I transferred into Stetson, but there is a housing requirement in place for first- and second-year students. Most dorms for these students have shared, communal-style bathrooms, but I have not heard of any transphobic incidents with them. You can make it explicitly clear with the school’s housing authority application to match you with roommates that are respecting of your identity.

There have been two or three incidents of vandalism to the gender-neutral bathrooms and of fliers to LGBTQ student events, which felt targeted in my opinion. While some of the speakers brought to campus have been questionable, I don’t think anyone cared so the events tend to be overlooked as disagreeing students rather be at the beach or Orlando in their time off. Where I went to a college before transferring to Stetson, there were outside agitators on campus frequently because the school was public property. I didn’t miss being damned on the way to class. I almost forgot what that felt like at Stetson since it is private.

With all that said, Stetson has enough resources available to make up in any of its weak areas two times over. I suggest Kaleidoscope, the LGBTQ student organization; Student Government Association; free therapy and programming at the Counseling Center in Griffith Hall; and communicating with Deans and Professors regularly (all of whom are super approachable). I still believe Stetson has some of the friendliest and approachable student bodies out of the Florida schools I toured. You will stick out only if you’re mean. This is a lot of information, so let me know if you have any questions!