Anybody else freaking out?

<p>I think I'm only gonna apply to 3 Ivies after doing a lot of research. I just don't see what more schools like Cornell, UPenn, Columbia, etc. can offer my over non-Ivy top schools.</p>

<p>So, I guess I'm heading in the direction that alam1 took when he approached admissions.</p>

<p>ViggyRam I'd like to hear about which schools are better than those lower-ivies =))
And yeahhh I always feel like god if only I did this 2 years ago..XDD but oh well</p>

<p>Good Job Viggy!</p>

<p>Fatum, he means schools like Duke, Northwestern, Emory, Rice, U. Chicago and a handful of others that are just as good as lower Ivies and, in some cases, even better. The top 10 LACs would also offer a comparable education.</p>

<p>turning into grade 11 over here!!!!
its my first time studying SAT and coming to these websites
i better smarten up before high school ends</p>