Anybody else freaking out?

<p>So my grades, extracurriculars, and SAT scores are basically taken care of, but for some reason I feel like I have missed out on a whole bunch of opportunities and now I am going into grade 12 and it is too late! I look at all these other applicants with their manning awards and all the other things they have done and it just makes me feel so discouraged. I feel like I have robbed myself or something. I could have gotten more involved throughout the year and pursued more of my interests etc. but I just always felt way way too busy. UGH and with all this free time that comes with summer, I am starting to feel more and more useless, like I should be studying non-stop or solving world hunger. HAHA wow listen to me.....but seriously does anybody else feel the same way? Like how am I ever going to accomplish anything!</p>

<p>I'd advise you to not worry about it. Remember, this is College Confidential, and the posters here are generally not representative of the total college-bound population.</p>

<p>Tell me about it. All the lost opportunities, wasted time ... only if I get into a decent university will I feel that I have accomplished something with my life.</p>

<p>And beyond that, at this point any type of speculation is mostly non-productive. You're entering your Grade 12 year, and it's pretty clear that the end is in sight and that looking back will not help at all. So you didn't sign up for this organization, or join that club, or try out for that team, or put enough effort into that course. So what? And neither do you have as many awards as a lot of people on CC... Well, let me tell you a secret: do 99% of college-bound students don't either. No use looking back.</p>

<p>OK OK OK we are all in the same boat :)) And onimpulse is right. GROUP HUG!! I will be crossing my fingers for all of us! </p>

<p>PS: we are all '15 applicants from BRITISH COLUMBIA! Happy Canada day my friends =]</p>

<p>Happy Canada Day!~</p>

<p>Lol I feel the same way. I thought before that my ECs were pretty good, but then I compared myself to the CCers... AAAH!!</p>

<p>Oh well, don't fret! And if you are really bored during the summer, you can still probably find some volunteer opportunity! :)</p>

<p>I think most people would have some kind of regrets, especially if they look through all the amazing ECs the CCers manage to collect by the time they apply to colleges. - -
I actually kind of regret joining all the school clubs I did, I kind of wish now that I would have started things outside of the school on my own...even though I'm in leadership positions for a bunch of the semi-major/major clubs in my school, I'm finding that I don't actually want to do them again next year (well, this year, September..).
But college is only around 4ish years for most of us, I really think that for most proffessions, attitudes and personalities matter much more than the school we get into. Hopefully. xD</p>

<p>But hey, we are all gr11s right? There's still a year. We could still do things we want to do for the sake of doing them instead of for college apps. In fact, that's probably a much better motive anyways.</p>

<p>Well said panda :) I think I will have to ditch some activities end of grade 12 ... but until then the little nagging application bug will still lurk somewhere in the back of my mind :P</p>

<p>Agreed panda. I was (slash am) freaking out about some lowish marks and doubting my ECs but hey, what's the point? It's summer, right? Let's make the most of it and just enjoy ourselves! Especially while it's still warm outside :)</p>

<p>don't be a pessimistic person, be a optimistic person. A optimistic finds the good in danger, the pessimistic just says "my life is over." Okay a bit overexagaration but seriously don't worry and be happy.</p>

<p>I agree with all of you, some very good points! I mean, I could spend four wonderful years at my dream school, but in the end I'm still going to become a doctor (or whatever else I decide to do) no matter what school I attend. But for now, the summer awaits!!!</p>

<p>Just curious, where did you all apply? Anything outside of Ivies + MIT/ Stanford?</p>

<p>^ do you mean where are you all GOING TO apply?
And to answer your question, yes I am looking at some LAC's.</p>

<p>yes yes, going to apply... which ones are you looking at?</p>

<p>I'm thinking Amherst; they are generous with the $$ :)</p>


<p>But it's so unlikely that I'm kinda just not thinking about it. - -
Some LACs, probably, once I get around to doing more research. xD</p>

<p>^I always felt like Amherst is kinda...bland? I don't know why I have that impression - -</p>

<p>Awwe it's ok pandabear :) I believe in you!
I think Williams is nice too and Canadian-friendly</p>

<p>You can do it!
I am mostly applying to Ivies, plus schools like Boston university, NYU, Northwestern etc. I want to study science/medicine, so i'm not really interested in any LACs</p>

<p>awww thanks you guys. ><
But being the logical, I know that putting hopes on that program is really only leading to disappointment, it's almost like getting into all the ivies @ once or something. It only accepts around 20 people per year, you have to be good enough to get into both RISD and Brown, then somehow squeeze into that program...Orz
There's crazily artistically talented people out there, not to mention all those ppl pwning me academic-wise.</p>

<p>Still, just thinking about the program makes me happy. xDD</p>