Anyone applying to Santa Clara University?

I am applying to Santa Clara for ED 2. Anyone else applying for it?

The EA results came out last night in Santa Clara

Is this baboon?

@10abhash Mind sharing your stats?
I will be RDing to Santa Clara. And what is your major?

i am applying to santa clara,stats-alevels AABC,sat 1290,subject test -750,730, 730, toefl 104, decent eca.

CS major
SAT- 1400 super-scored
A-levels: AABB
Decent ECAs

I am planning for Engineering Physics major.
SAT- 1440 super score
grades - ABBBc
Not much ECAs. (only some volunteering)
I just wanted to know if we were competing for same major or not.
Anyways, Best of luck.

Applied RD. Got waitlisted.