Anyone here doing/applying a School of Music/other school double major?

<p>I have a question regarding this...I want to dual-major in Biology and Music Performance - however, I'm both schools consider my application separately? Is it possible to make it only into one school and not the other? I'm asking because the audition is something I may or may not be able to hurdle over...I'm hoping I can, of course, but I also don't want it to damage my chances of getting into Weinburg. Anyone have other thoughts on this?</p>

<p>i think you can only apply to one school</p>

<p>School of Music is the only exception; it allows a pairing with either Weinberg or the engineering school for a 5-year degree.</p>

<p>you can apply to both... but if you get rejected by one, then you'll basically get rejected from both. how are you musically? academically?</p>

<p>I have been told that you can be accepted by one and rejected by the other. In other words, if school of music rejects you, weinberg can still accept you.</p>

<p>Well, now I have conflicting answers...and when I ask them directly they're not very clear about the answer. Hmm...</p>

<p>Egan, are you sure about that? Because i think that only applies to JHU/Peabody and a couple of others... since they are basically separate institutions. The music department of NU is a department under NU, unlike Peabody at JHU... I may be wrong. But I'm pretty sure.</p>

<p>A while back, someone said she knew a person (her friend's daughter or something like that) getting rejected by Medill/Music but somehow accepted by Weinberg. Looks like you can be rejected by one but accepted by another. In this case, the person was rejected from both she applied to but was accepted by one she didn't. Go figure...</p>


<p>If they aren't clear, that may be a sign they consider them separately. But that's just my guess.</p>

<p>If you want to be accepted for the five year program, you must be accepted by both schools applied to. You can apply to the dept. of music and Weinberg or Medill with intentions of the 5 yr. progam and be accepted by only one. If so, you would be like any other 4 year undergrad student.</p>