Anyone interested in doing their degree in Hong Kong?

<p>The economic boom in China and the region recently got me very interesed. I'm in college application period right now, and was thinking why not go to university there. I was reading about universities in China, but they don't seem very international to me. Then some of my friends at school from hong kong asked if i have thought about Hong Kong. Never thought about it b4, haven't been there, don't know what its like. friends say that there are 3 really good unis in hk: the Hong Kong university, the chinese university of hong kong , and the Hk Uni of science and tech. The first one they say is really good, the 2nd one teaches in chinese, so out of the question. The Sci& Tech one has a really good business school and the best engineering school in Hk or something. Anyone know more about this? my sister went to UPenn and she says some of her friends went to Hong Kong, think it was the HKUST on exchange when they studied at upen. she says HONG kONG is a really big eye-opener. Anyone looking into studying in Hong KOng? Would love to meet you.</p>

<p>My son is interested in the University of Hong Kong (HKU). He is an American citizen living in the US and wants to study physics, chemistry, or biochemistry. He speaks a little Mandarin Chinese.</p>

<p>Glad to meet you!</p>

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I have started a thread for people joining HKUST or Hong Kong.
Basically I had applied to nearly 14 Universities in US including Cornell, Cooper Union, UCB and Georgia Tech etc and have been accepted by most of them already...
But I made a decision of going to HKUST for Mech Eng at Undergrad level because of sundry reasons!</p>

<p>Hello ! I'm Canadian and currently have applied to HKUST as my first choice for BSc: Math. I had my telephone interview on December 21 and now waiting for results!</p>

<p>Hey rebecca!
HKUST seems like a great Uni, will be visiting the campus in February to make sure I have made the right decision!
I remember my cousin had a telephone interview for National University of Singapore, he told me it meant the admission process is going positive and they normally wanna make sure you are the kind of person you seem to be on your application! Congrats!
Will you be joining in September 2010?</p>

<p>Yeah. Hoping to come out in September 2010. Wish I'd done IB. Those full tuition scholarships are so eye-drawing! haha.</p>

<p>Thats cool...
I know I'm glad dad got a job in China at the right time, I had just finished my Indian Grade 10 board exams and then I did IB, so I have the culture and strong base education from India, and then a course like IB that encourages and literally compels me to "think outside the box"! And as tough as IB might be, it pays off at the end !
And keeping that aside it sounds fancy too: International Baccalaureate ! hahaha!</p>

<p>Well anyway Good Luck with the results and if things go as they should i'll see you on campus!
Its soo sad that a school life of 16 years is coming to an end!! I mean not that i wanna do IB any longer! but its like no more school sports and singing and dancing competitions !! But University should be fun too! LOts of plans and expectations!</p>

<p>Anyways hope you make it too!</p>

<p>Have you had a telephone interview and/or been accepted?</p>

<p>I have not had an telephone interview I was accepted directly...
And I got the Scholarship straight away too...
Which was strange cause they gave me a decision really early and then wanted me to decide by the 20th and give a deposit of HK $10,000... which I have already given in.... So unless I change my mind due to any random reason, i'm going to HKUST !</p>

<p>I can't help but notice, you have a fixed timetable don't you?!? Cause you always come online around 3.50-4 !! Do you ?!?</p>

<p>Haha! That's sweet! When did you apply? I applied like beginning of December and had my interview on December 21st. It was 2 am here. I got the impression that not many Canadians apply so that was really exciting. What made you pick HKUST? And okay question. On the calendar they have a fall semester, "winter session", spring semester, "summer session". Is the winter session a chance to pick up one or two classes, or is it like a one month vacation?</p>

<p>And I don't have a fixed time table. I guess that's just been a random pattern.</p>

<p>haha... cool, was just curious...</p>

<p>Hows the admission process going ??
The HKUST people are really slow and clumsy with replying to e-mails! I'm going to call them tomorrow and ask if they received my fee deposit or not! Have e-mailed them like thrice already....
Earlier their online application was being funny and so I couldnt add any of my extra-curricular stuff on there so I emailed them, to which they didnt reply for ages! So I just called them and said i'm mailing them a hard copy of my certificates, transcripts, and extra-curricular activities along with the personal statement...!! Seriously the University application process has made me a more organized person if nothing else!!
US applications were soo tiring to fill out! If I had made a decision earlier about studying in Asia for undergrad would not have had to waste months filling out applications! I cn seriously work as an Application Filling Expert over the summer!! haha...</p>

<p>I didn't think they were slow and clumsy at all. I've emailed them in two separate occasions and both times they responded within three days with the information I had asked for.</p>

<p>I didn't apply for any US schools so I don't know about that. I did apply to Canadian schools and their applications are SO EASY! Admission is based almost solely on your GPA so that is almost all you have to submit.</p>

<p>But HKUST is still my first choice.</p>

<p>Really!! well i guess then they like you more than they like me ...</p>

<p>WOw! I was going to apply to Canada, to U of Toronto and Waterloo but I don't really like the cold that much and so had to drop the plan! The same reason why i'm not going to U of Michigan, well the cold and that it would cost me around US $250,000 for a 4 year undergrad degree!! Bizarre! I'd rather buy a Yamaha Bike and go to HKUST!
Oh btw do you know any cantonese or Mandarin ??</p>

<p>That is one of the reasons why i'm going to HKUST as well cause i'm fluent in Mandarin but can't write a lot and so wanna study it more, so by the time we will graduate from HKUST, hopefully i'll be as good as the people around me in Shanghai !!
What do you reckon is better? Postgrad frm US or Canada?!</p>

<p>Yeah. I really hate the cold too. I don't understand why anyone wants to live in a place where it gets to minus 40 degrees celsius. I would say postgrad from the US is better in most instances but if you had something from one of the top schools in Canada in certain programs, it would be worth a lot too. School in Canada is 100 times cheaper (for Canadians, not sure about internationals). </p>

<p>I don't speak any Cantonese or Mandarin. If I go to HKUST I'd like to take the opportunity to learn but my degree will be the most important so I don't know if I'll have time. How'd it come about that you're fluent in Mandarin? Which nationality are you?</p>

<p>Exactly! It is snowing in Shanghai now! Its looks really pretty but you can't go out and play sports like rugby! thats why I hate the winters...
That sounds about right, cause one of my Canadian friend also told me the same thing, he said the Canadian schools are as well reputed as the US ones and way cheaper at the same time...</p>

<p>ooo... I reckon you should learn it, I have been learning it for 2 years now! The growing job market in Asia and China being the leader, Mandarin is the most important language to learn in todays world! You can manage in India with English, and with English in lots of other places but Mandarin is something that one aught to know if they want to be more competitive while applying for a job! Atleast thats what i think...</p>

<p>I love the idea of how close things are to Hong Kong. In Canada if you want to travel cheaply/easily you can go to Canada or the United States.</p>