anyone know of a good college counselor in New York City?

<p>The minute we bring up college to our daughter who is a junior in high school, the whole room gets very tense. I want to find someone who will help us through the process. Anyone out there have any suggestions? I have looked at a lot of sites for college counseling but I want to talk to a parent that has first hand experience.</p>

<p>I do not know if you are looking for on line or in person, but I would recommend CC posters Hanna and Soozievt (especially if your child is interested in musical theater)</p>

<p>I was going to suggest you just look up a few old-timers here on CC. They have all of the knowledge you need (and are free!).</p>

<p>Have you done any visiting yet? I find that kids get a lot more interested in the process when they realize that they have some control over where/how they spend the four years of college.
Has her HS started the advising process yet? Many schools kick off with a junior meeting in the fall to lay out a roadmap of the 18 months ahead. Even if you choose to work with an outside professional, the specific knowledge of the counselors within her HS is valuable.</p>

<p>I would ask cc' s oldfort.</p>

<p>Private college counselors can be quite expensive.</p>

<p>Maybe if you tell us more, we can direct you to the right info or CC people that might have the answers that you need for free. </p>

<p>why is your d tense about the subject? Because she fears change? Because she's not interested in the topic yet? Because you expect her to go to certain schools that don't interest her? Because she has one major in mind, but you have another? Because none of her friends are talking about colleges yet??? Because you want to schedule college visits and she has no interest? Because she has a boyfriend and will want to go where he goes? </p>

<p>What is she tense about???</p>

<p>Ok...we know that you're in NYC, but we need more info...</p>

<p>What are her strengths and likely majors or careers that would interest HER? (not your choices, her choices).</p>

<p>Has she visited any college campuses other than drive by? Has she done tours?</p>

<p>What are her test scores and GPA?</p>

<p>What is your budget? How much will you pay each year?</p>