Anyone near Havana, IL? I have questions :)

D just got a short-term job in Havana. She’s leaning towards taking it as it will provide additional experience to her resume. She is seeking funding for her PhD or masters and this may help. What is Havana like? I know it’s small, about the same size as the town we live in. We’re trying to find out what towns in the area she should focus her search on as far as lodging. And if anyone happens to know of any short term, non lease apartments, etc., please share. Thanks for any info you might have.

Havana is a very small River town. That’s all I know. Friend of mine works there but lives in Petersburg, Illinois. A very cute small town about 30 minutes from Havana but also about 25-30 minutes from Springfield which has a lot to offer as the capital of Illinois. That’s all I know.

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Hi…I typically just lurk here at CC, but felt the need to respond to your post because I grew up in Havana, IL. I haven’t lived there in about 20 years, but I had family who lived there until just a few years ago. Havana is very small and there’s really not much to do there. There are a few bars and restaurants, but not much else. There’s at least one grocery store (might be two but I don’t know if the other closed or not). There is not much other shopping (no Walmart), except for a discount store called Pamida and maybe a few little specialty shops on Main Street. I think the nearest Walmart is Canton (slightly larger small town), which is a 30 minute drive away. Aside from Canton, all the other towns within a 30-45 min drive of Havana are even smaller. The bigger cities of Springfield, Peoria, and Bloomington/Normal are closer to an hour drive away (Bloomington/Normal is closer to an hour and 15 min). Springfield, Peoria and B-N are where one would need to go to do more “mall” type shopping (Target, Kohls, Home Depot, etc.), go to the movies, or eat at a chain style restaurant. The town of Petersburg, mentioned in another response, is about halfway between Havana and Springfield, but it doesn’t really offer much in terms of shopping, night life, etc. Let me know if you have any more questions!