AP Biology or AP Physics?

Hi, so I am going to be a junior coming up soon (for hs), and was wondering what science class I should take. Keep in mind, I want to major in psychology.

AP Bio - very helpful for a future psych major (so i’m told).

AP Physics 1 - very difficult, teacher isn’t too good, and typically not needed for a psych major.

I would just go with AP Bio, but I’m told that you need physics in high school for colleges. Any suggestions would help!

Take AP Biology this year and consider doing AP Physics or Honors or Regular Physics Senior year. You do not need to take all AP science classes.

Depending upon which schools you are targeting for Undergrad, yes many schools like to see Biology/Chemistry and Physics as are part of your HS curriculum.

Have you taken any Physics at all? Yes, you really should have all 3 at some point. They aren’t technically “required” at most schools, but they are expected and most applicants to will have them.

What makes you think Physics 1 is very hard. To me, it’s the equivalent of an initial honors HS Physics course. AP Physics C is where it gets difficult. But AP Bio would be in the same tier as Physics C.

Is the a non-AP Physics option?

You should take a sequence of bio, chem and physics in HS. If you have already taken HS physics then go ahead and take AP Bio. If you haven’t I would take a physics course although it doesn’t necessarily have to be an AP class.

I would take AP Bio. If you want to take Physics, or if it’s required for applications, then take Physics senior year.