AP capstone program

Has anyone ever participated in the AP capstone program? If you did does It help your college application?

As someone who received a CollegeBoard letter indicating a perfect score on the AP Research exam, I can definitely answer your question. I really feel like my research was very unique and that colleges like to see students pursuing their interests on a new level. More than anything, the Capstone program helped me enrich my writing and gave me a preview of what is to come. (Masters degrees often require dissertations.) I recommend AP Capstone (AP Seminar was rather pointless, but AP Research was definitely the better one of the two). I honestly think it was a very interesting aspect of my application, but I would recommend students to try to really go above and beyond in order to catch the eyes of colleges otherwise it could be just “another extracurricular activity.” Do research in and outside of the classroom. They’re definitely becoming more familiar with the program now that it’s becoming more prevalent, but it’s really about what YOU do with the program and how YOU benefit. It’s great for refining writing abilities to prepare for possible future endeavors, so I’d recommend taking it regardless.

Okay thank you I’m definitely going to take it!