AP Chemistry or AP Physics 1 with IB HL Biology?

Hello! It would mean a lot if I could have your input. I am going to take IB HL Biology next year and I am trying to choose another class to take with it. Since I already took AP Biology, I know IB HL Biology will just be a review so I want to take on another challenge. Right now, I’m torn between taking AP Chemistry and AP Physics 1. Here is some background information…

  1. I have taken regular chemistry before so I have some background. I have never taken physics before.
  2. I have more interest in chemistry because I would like to go on the pre-med track in college.
  3. The AP Chemistry teacher at my school is infamous for his bad teaching. The AP Physics teacher is praised by my peers because of how good of a teach she is despite the extreme difficulty of the course.

I think another important factor is… do colleges care more about you displaying a specific interest through your course selection or just having a variety? I have never taken a physics course throughout my high school career. Thank you!

Colleges want to see at least one year of bio, chem, and physics, and then one of those at the AP/IB level.

I would prioritize some level of physics before you graduate. It doesn’t have to be AP.

If you’ve already taken AP bio, why are you doing a “review” year of IB?

I need to take it to receive the IB Diploma…

I would have picked the better teacher anyway, but as you haven’t had Physics, I agree that you should have a course in high school before you need to take in college especially if you’re pre-med