AP Chemistry or AP Physics C?

Hey guys, I really need advice on which ap science courses to take. I am probably going to take computer science as a major and am not taking an ap science this year(junior year). The AP Physics C teacher doesn’t teach at all and just gives tests (the cumulative is 9999 points while every test is like 100). I started this year with him(around 3 days) and felt that it would be too hard with my other classes, so I dropped it. So, this is why I need to take an ap science next year. The AP Chem is also hard, but people say that Physics C is harder. I don’t know which choice to make. My impression of the physics teacher was that he wasted our class time with nonsense topics and just told us to self-study everything. I am confused right now, so I want to get some advice. Thanks in advance. Just so you know, AP Physics C was a nightmare that told us to self-study everything.

Same answer as when you asked the question on Reddit.

While physics is more useful to CS, depending on the univetsity, you may need to retake physics as a CS major, so there may be no course credit advantage.

Pick the one with the better teacher and/or better grader and/or better success rate on AP exams.

Why do you need AP classes? This seems to be the biggest lie of the 21st Century. High schools push them to make the school look good.
Start focusing on the SAT. Download some word lists to memorize and and start working the math problems. Do practice exams without a time limit just to understand the concepts and know what will be thrown at you.

Both will be valuable courses. If you know the Physics teacher is poor, take Chem.

This assume you’ve already taken one year of both, plus Bio

Terrible advice.

I took Honors Physics, Honors Biology, and Honors Chemistry already.

Physics C is going to be rough without at least AP Physics 1. Our HS requires students to take Physics 1 & 2 before taking C. You will also need to have taken OR be simultaneously enrolled in calculus. AP Chemistry is designed to be a second year chem course, and honors chem is sufficient preparation.

As there are several CS programs housed in the engineering colleges, taking Physics C may help you keep up in those programs (or give you a leg up if you need to retake physics). However the logic used in AP Chem has some similarities to that of CS. So both have their usefulness.

I’m calling nonsense on this. AP Physics C is designed as a second year physics course. Any first year physics course is adequate preparation. And the OP stated that s/he had honors physics. If a HS is requiring AP Physics 1 and 2 as prerequisites, that, to me, signifies weaknesses in the school’s non-AP curriculum.

As a reminder, AP Physics C has been around for decades. AP Physics 1 and 2 are only 7 years old. So hundreds of thousands, or millions. of kids have managed just fine in Physics C with an honors physics background.

I am Calculus BC this year.

Oh no. @MassPE got banned. And he always gave such excellent advice. ?

To get into college, and for college credit, it won’t matter. Take what ever you think is easier/has a better teacher/fits into your schedule.

My daughter took AP Physics C Mechanics as a junior without ever having taken a Physics class and did very well. She had already taken Calc AB, and was concurrently enrolled in Calc BC.

I’m taking AP Physics C right now as a senior, and heading down the CS route too. I find it the most challenging AP class so far but it’s been very rewarding when you get the concepts finally down. It really helps as a stepping stone of preparation for university level engineering classes.

Our schools doesn’t have AP Physics 1/2, so every AP Physics C student has only taken Honors Physics. It’s absolutely no problem. From my reading, I generally assume AP Physics 1/2 are the same as Honors Physics at a school that only offers honors. (Does anyone actually offer AP 1/2 and Honors along with core?)

Both classes are solid AP classes - I’ve never heard either described as “easy” or “easier”. There’s a minor argument that Physics may be better than Chem due to the type of work, not the content. But either will be valuable learning - I don’t think you can go wrong between the two.

If one teacher is widely regarded as better, I’d go there.

I don’t think in a CS major that you really need to take any AP physics courses and if the teacher really does suck I think you should just end up taking AP chem. Obviously this can be different for colleges you are applying to. I’m taking AP chem right now as a freshman and I can say it’s quite the difficult class but if you put enough effort it isn’t impossible to understand the concepts. I would perceive a CS major would require more theoretical math and discrete math rather than AP physics C unless you’re planning to be a game developer then you might want to take it.